The Walking Dead: 20 Most Attractive Characters

It's hard to look your best on The Walking Dead. Showers aren't readily available, dirt on your face and body is totally acceptable, clothes are really only functional now, and there's absolutely no need for makeup and hair products. If we're being honest, it actually doesn't sound all that bad, if it weren't for trying to survive in a world of zombies and murderous psychopaths.

There is still plenty of eye candy, though, on the hit AMC show. We welcome sweaty hair on the likes of Rick and Daryl, so we can brush it out of their handsome faces. Beards and long hair? Yep, all good especially on the dreamy Jesus.

Dreadlocks are also quite the style in the land of zombie and are particularly rocked by Ezekiel and Michonne. If you don't ever want to comb your hair, you can cut it off in a very appealing way, like Maggie and Carol. Or not – messy long hair is also still stunning, just ask Rosita, Lori and Andrea.

Give us brawn as well, like the rugged Abraham. And if you are one of the murderous psychopaths on the show, you can still look good while being menacing - we're looking at you Governor and Negan.

Here are The Walking Dead's 20 Most Attractive Characters.

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The tough but sultry Andrea, played nicely by Laurie Holden, has many facets, including a hidden vulnerability only a few are allowed to see. Some of Andrea's best and more heartfelt scenes are with Dale, her father surrogate, and Michonne, her best friend, because it's when she lets her guard down.

Her hookup with the Governor makes sense, even though it does create major tension with Michonne, who doesn't trust the big G in any way. Turns out, Michonne's instincts are validated, but Andrea doesn't escape. The Governor locks her in a room with a reanimated Woodbury resident, who bites Andrea before she can free herself. Michonne shows up too late, but helps her friend end her life.

As a side note, in the comics, Andrea lives and has a relationship with Rick. The show definitely likes to switch things up.


While Melissa McBride's Carol dons the short, choppy grey hair to perfection, it's her piercing blue eyes that keep us completely locked in. She really is an amazing woman.

Carol has had her fair share of woes since the zombie apocalypse. Once a meek, downtrodden woman with a daughter and an abusive husband, the loss of her family eventually turns into the fighter we now know and love. In the last season, she decided she didn't want to be a killer anymore, so she retreated into her own space, but of course that couldn't last forever, and now she's ready to fight for the ones she loves the most.

Speaking of that, we are also still rooting for Carol and Daryl. It's finally time from them to go for it, don't you think?


Spencer Walking Dead

Even though Spencer is an incompetent, thieving weasel, he is still cute as played by Austin Nichols. As one of the sons of Alexandria's leader, Deanna, Spencer has mostly been sheltered from the horrors of this new world and is ill prepared to handle it.

Then things get worse for Spencer, including watching his entire family die. He ends up blaming Rick for all of it. True, Rick and the gang did bring some chaos to the town, but it was bound to happen anyway. At least he gets some action when he hooks up with Rosita as her rebound guy (after getting dumped by Abraham).

When Negan and the Saviors finally swoops in, Spencer sees an opportunity to undermine Rick and gain control – except it backfires because Negan doesn't like sneaky, gutless behavior. So, he literally guts Spencer, thus putting an end to any more rebellion in the Alexandrian ranks.


Lori in The Walking Dead

Played by Sarah Wayne Callies, Lori has a very sweet and beautiful way about her. She is a caring mother to son Carl, but she had issues with Rick in their marriage before the apocalypse. When Shane convinces her Rick died from a gunshot wound right before the zombie outbreak, she quickly moves on and starts a relationship with Shane.

Lori's death, however, really throws us for a loop. When Rick finally reunites with his family, Lori realizes she does still love him, even though she is now pregnant with Shane's baby. They are going to try again as a family, but Lori's emergency C-section at the hands of Maggie puts an end to that. Baby Judith survives, but Lori does not.



Dreadlocks never looked so good on a king. Ezekiel's distinctive appearance, which actor Khary Payton totally pulls off, presents the perfect Arthurian leader of the Kingdom (even though he used to be a zookeeper). He has managed to keep his community engaged with his kingly theatrics, along with making a deal with the Saviors to provide them with supplies in exchange for being left alone.

But now it's become apparent that the Kingdom may be in danger if they don't confront Negan and the Saviors, so Ezekiel is stepping up – and taking his pet tiger, Shiva, with him for extra fighting power. We are just really hoping that tiger survives the war.

Ezekiel also has a little crush on Carol, and some fans are hoping for a romantic link there. We'll have to wait and see.


Jessie The Walking Dead

When Rick first gets to Alexandria, he doesn't really fit it or trust many of the people – except for Jessie, a smart, beautiful ,and warmhearted woman who helps him adjust. As played by Alexandra Breckenridge, Jessie definitely sparks with Rick, who is able to give Jessie the courage to stand up to her abusive husband, Pete.

Thankfully, Rick ends up killing Pete after he kills Deanna's husband Reg. Jessie isn't too upset about, and her and Rick's relationship turns romantic. Unfortunately, it is short-lived. In the zombie hoard attack at Alexandria, the walkers devour Jessie after she tries to save her young son, who also becomes zombie food.

Maybe Rick should just stay away from women to give them a fighting chance.


The Governor in The Walking Dead

An effective villain are usually the ones with charisma and vulnerability. The Governor certainly has those qualities when we first meet him, especially as portrayed by David Morrissey. The leader of Woodbury is seemingly benevolent and ruled with a fair but sometimes stern hand. Andrea picks up on this right away, so naturally she falls into bed with him.

Of course, the Governor is pretty much off his rocker the whole time, keeping his zombie daughter in a closet and jars of zombie heads in his study. And he eventually poses a major threat to Rick and the others while they are living in the prison, scattering them to the winds.

Needless to say, we aren't sorry when Michonne first takes out his eye and then later finally kills him – but we will admit he totally rocks that eye patch.


The lovely Sonequa Martin-Green doesn't get a chance to show off her gorgeous looks a whole lot while portraying the generally sullen Sasha, but when Sasha is happy, her beauty shines through.

That happiness is usually associated with the men in her life, including her brother Tyrese and her first boyfriend, Bob, but then seeing them both die sends Sasha into severe depression and she suffers from PTSD. She does finally find solace with new love Abraham, and boy, are they cute together – until he is killed by Negan.

However, Sasha doesn't implode again. Instead, she stays strong for Maggie and then unsuccessfully attempts to assassinate Negan herself. She ultimately sacrifices herself to thwart Negan's plans to defeat Rick by taking poison on route to Alexandria in a coffin and then emerging as a zombie. Great distraction and just an awesome way to go.


Michael Cudlitz as Abraham from The Walking Dead

Actor Michael Cudlitz really infuses Abraham with a bravado, outspokenness, and sense of duty that is extremely sexy. He is definitely rough around the edges, but he has a brawny appeal. We can definitely see why both Rosita and Sasha fall for him.

Our resident ginger was an U.S. Army sergeant before the zombies took over, so we understand where some his strength comes from, even if he also has a bad temper (which cost him his family early on after the zombie outbreak). You still really want Abraham on your side in a battle, which makes it so shocking and sad when he's taken out by Negan's bat, Lucille, as an unexpected plot twist in the season 7 premiere.


Beth in The Walking Dead

Played by Emily Kinney, the sweet, shy Beth starts on TWD as a sheltered girl living on father Hershel's farm, but the reality of this new world hits her hard. She doesn't accept it well and wants to commit suicide but decides to live for her dad and sister Maggie.

For the next few seasons, Beth's confidence and abilities to survive become stronger. When Rick and the rest are sent scurrying in different directions after the Governor's attack on the prison, Beth ends up with Daryl, and the two form a bond. But then she is kidnapped by another group and taken to a hospital in Atlanta. Daryl is finally reunited with the others, and they plan to go rescue Beth.

It doesn't go to plan, and Beth is accidentally shot in the head in the rescue attempt. Daryl carrying Beth's body outside the hospital, and Maggie breaking down at the sight is almost too much to bear.


Speaking of Michonne, when she finally appeared on TWD, fans rejoiced to have their favorite badass from the comics in the flesh. The gorgeous actress Danai Gurira just completely encapsulates the ruthless but broken warrior, who rocks the dreads and wields a mean katana sword. And much like Carol, her penetrating glare sears right into your soul.

Throughout the series, Michonne's fierce demeanor belies a secret wish to find peace again in this horrible new world, and now she has found a semblance of it in Alexandria and with the love of her man, Rick. Michonne finally rediscovers what it is to be human again. This doesn't mean, however, she backs down from a fight when she knows it's the right thing to do. Negan better watch out.


Steven Yeun

Oh, Glenn, how we miss you so. From the first time we saw the oh-so-cute Glenn in his baseball cap, we fell in love. There's just not one false note about the former pizza delivery guy, and actor Steven Yeun beautifully played the role, showing how Glenn goes from being earnest and naive to a real beacon of hope and leadership.

Of course, his best qualities are only heightened when he and Maggie fall in love. Their relationship is one of the most sincere of the whole series, so full of light and affection, even when they are faced with some seriously dark moments.

So, it is just heart-ripping to see how Glenn meets his end at the hands of Negan and his bat, Lucille, the one part of the comics the show did not veer from. We knew it was coming, but it didn't make Glenn's death any easier.


Tara has become one of our favorites on the show because she can really deliver a perfectly snarky comment one moment and buoy our spirits with her optimism in the next. Actress Alanna Masterson really brings out the character's beauty, inside and out. She's also a fighter and won't hesitate to defend the ones she loves.

When we first meet Tara, she's a bit lost in the wake of the Governor's run on the prison. Thankfully, she meets Glenn, who takes her along with him to try and find the others. She eventually becomes a valuable and loyal member of Rick's crew.

Tara discovers Oceanside, a community of women survivors with a large armory who do not want to be found, and she vows to keep their secret. But then she returns to Alexandria and finds out what Negan and the Saviors have done, including killing her girlfriend Denise, she knows she's going to break her promise.



Jesus is just one good-looking dude. Let's just say he lives up to his moniker because, aside from with his long hair and beautiful eyes, he also has one of the kindest and most thoughtful dispositions of any character. We have actor Tom Payne to thank for bringing this comic fan favorite to life.

The Hilltop recruiter just exudes intelligence and warmth and is pretty much beloved by all, so when Jesus begins to question the weaselly Gregory as their leader, the rest of Hilltop follows suit. Jesus guides Maggie and pushes her to understand she's more of a leader than she realizes.

Jesus also helps Maggie realize they must join forces with Rick to fight Negan and the Saviors. He's going to be a great right-hand man.


Rosita in Improper Attire in the Walking Dead

Rosita wants to be strong and unfaltering, but she is really more sensitive than she lets anyone believe. As portrayed by the lovely Christian Serratos, we first see her traveling with Abraham and Eugene, comfortably toting a gun while letting her feminine side show around Abraham as his girlfriend.

That all changes, though, when they get to Alexandria, and Abraham ends up dumping Rosita for Sasha. Although she would never show her emotions, it breaks Rosita's heart, and she becomes more reckless and aloof. Then when Abraham is killed, Rosita grieves – and wants revenge – just as much as Sasha.

After Sasha and Rosita's plan to infiltrate the Sanctuary goes awry, and Sasha is taken by Negan, Rosita finally realizes she's better off sticking with the people who care about her and fight the good fight.


Negan The Walking Dead

We want to hate him, but damn, Negan is still sexy as hell when he wants to be – and that has almost everything to do with how the handsome Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays him. As one of The Walking Dead's most dastardly villains, Negan is a charming sociopath who rules the Saviors with a barbed baseball bat named Lucille.

When we first meet him, he maliciously taunts Rick and the others, kneeling before him, informing them there has to be retribution for their actions. Smashing in Glenn and Abraham's heads is just the start, as he spends the rest the season chewing up the scenery, so cocksure he can squash any rebellion in an instant.

Except he underestimates Rick and the gang's conviction to live their life free of tyranny. This “All Out War” is going to be a doozy.



Shane still stands as one of the most brooding, intriguing, and desirable characters on the show, and actor Jon Bernthal knew exactly how to play the conflict within.

At the very beginning of the series, we fully believe it wasn't Shane's intent to leave Rick high and dry after the two cops were caught in a crossfire, and Rick was injured. But Shane wanted Rick's life – to be with Lori and Carl – so being able to write Rick off in a zombie apocalypse seemed logical.

Shane's death is inevitable when Rick returns because Shane just doesn't want to give up what he has, making him dangerous. You feel for him, but Rick has to kill him.



The comely Maggie has gone from the trusting farm girl to the warrior she is now, and kudos to actress Lauren Cohan for evolving the character in such wonderful ways.

Maggie is a true survivor of this world, and this inner strength of hers has been brought out by some devastating losses in her life, including father Hershel, sister Beth, and her beloved Glenn, whose baby she is now carrying.

Maggie hadn't had a chance to really step up before, and while she initially hides out at Hilltop so she can heal and better monitor her pregnancy, her resilience and smarts shows her to be a capable leader.

Then, after the Hilltop's cavalry entrance into the battle against Negan, it is Maggie's speech at the end, giving Glenn all the credit for their moment of unity, that breaks our hearts. We have our closure.


Daryl Dixon and his crossbow on The Walking Dead

Daryl, the once impulsive redneck who kept us on edge, is now one of the show's most fearless heroes, and we just love him – and Norman Reedus, the actor who plays him. It's true we'd like to see Daryl take a few more showers, but that grunge just adds to this crossbow-shooting biker's appeal.

Daryl has recently been knocked down a few pegs after being captured by Negan and tortured into supposed submission, but his escape and eventual reunion with Rick and Carol is so sweet. Still, he is still a lone wolf in many regards, so while he's all for helping to beat down Negan, at some point, he might take off to do his own damage.

Like we've already mentioned, we're hoping Carol might have a calming effect on him. They both like to go rogue, but if they do it together, we'll feel better about it.



Finally, we come to our No. 1 pick, and naturally, it's Rick. As embodied by the gorgeous Andrew Lincoln, Rick Grimes simply is the heart, soul, and conscience of The Walking Dead – and his evolution as a character remains the show's most intriguing.

As a sometimes reticent leader, Rick has been at times idealistic, hardened, and beaten down by his responsibilities. When he witnesses the brutal deaths of his friends at the hands of Negan, Rick is at first demoralized but then those around him show him what true bravery is.

The time has come to fight, and we can see a reinvigorated Rick take charge, one who now has veteran experience and know-how to go up against what look likes insurmountable odds.


There are definitely other very attractive characters on The Walking Dead. Let's us know some of your favorites in the comments below!

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