Lennie James: Walking Dead Season 8 Isn't A Satisfying End For Morgan's Story

The Walking Dead’s Lennie James recently explained why season 8 wasn’t a satisfying end to the Morgan’s story. Since Walking Dead season 6, Lennie James has been a prominent fixture on the show. His character, Morgan, has become one of the most beloved characters and his journey has been one of the most compelling storylines. It was recently announced that Morgan was being moved to Fear the Walking Dead, where his journey will continue to unfold.

Over the course of The Walking Dead season 8, Morgan was locked in a fierce moral debate with himself. He survived many years up until then; however, his violent ways started to weigh on his soul. In the face of his conscience, Morgan decided to renounce his ways and vowed not to kill again. He continued to battle with his conscious, and at the end of the season, he went into seclusion.

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Though Morgan is crossing over to Fear the Walking Dead, many fans of Walking Dead could think that season 8 was the end of his arc. If that is the case, then was season 8 a satisfying end to Morgan’s journey? In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, James was asked if Walking Dead season 8 was a fitting end to Morgan's story. His answer was on-point, and should give fans of the character high hopes for the future:

"No, I wouldn't.  ...I think that if that is the case then there is something slightly unsatisfying about it for them because the question will remain, for them, 'What's Morgan doing right now?' Because there's only so long you can sit in a junkyard on your own. So unless they accept that he's just there cooking eggplants and not venturing beyond the walls of the heaps, and eventually has gone Cast Away and is a hermit in the Junkyard - if that's able to sustain them, then yeah. But, for me, that wouldn't have been my hope for the end of Morgan in The Walking Dead."

Lennie James in The Walking Dead

Most fans would certainly agree with James’ comments. All things considered, it would be very odd if Morgan’s path ended in that junkyard. For one, it would be a sad end to a great character. Given Morgan’s mental state at the end of Walking Dead season 8, however, he could have very well decided to stay in the junkyard forever. James’ comments also confirm his hopes for Morgan in the future. Morgan's destiny is much bigger than becoming a recluse, and maybe, he will find a new purpose on Fear the Walking Dead.

For now, fans can be grateful that Morgan’s journey will continue, even if it’s not on The Walking Dead. Based on previous comments from James, Morgan will have more screen time on Fear the Walking Dead and have more opportunities to grow. Hopefully, he will emerge from the junkyard, and maybe he will finally find the peace he’s been searching for.

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The Walking Dead season 8 releases on DVD and Blu-ray on August 21.

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