Lennie James Teases Morgan Will Return in a Future Walking Dead Season

Morgan (Lennie James) is leaving The Walking Dead to join Fear the Walking Dead but he might not be gone from the series forever. The upcoming season 8 finale of The Walking Dead will be Lennie James' last episode as a series regular for the foreseeable future. However the war against the Saviors shakes out, when viewers see Morgan next it will be on Fear the Walking Dead. (The season 4 premiere of Fear the Walking Dead will air immediately after the season 8 finale of The Walking Dead.)

To fit Morgan into Fear the Walking Dead and directly continue his story, the spinoff will be instituting a time jump. This is a big departure as Fear the Walking Dead has always been a prequel. This change will make the "crossover" more seamless. It also sets up that, although Morgan won't be a regular presence on Walking Dead, he can still conceivably reappear on that series. Which is a good thing too as the story of Morgan isn't quite over on The Walking Dead.

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Hollywood Life spoke to Lennie James about his new job on Fear. As expected the actor was very tight-lipped about how and why Morgan ends up in Austin, Texas on Fear the Walking Dead. At the same time, James did tease that Morgan's Walking Dead journey won't be entirely wrapped with the finale. When pressed if he could ever return to The Walking Dead, James explained:

Somebody asked Andy [Lincoln] this question, so I am gonna go with his answer because it seems to be a safe answer because it’s already kind of out there. As Andy says, I don’t think the story between, about the relationship between Rick and Morgan, is over yet.

James' comments aren't a confirmation that Morgan will be back on The Walking Dead, even for just a guest appearance. Yet they're pretty close. The fact that the two actors are holding to the same line suggests there's something in the works. Clearly, Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick, and James have discussed their characters together. At the very least, they're not ready to let things go.

Whatever happens between Rick and Morgan, if anything, in the season 8 finale won't bring their story to a close. In fact, it's very probable that the season 8 finale will barely touch on Morgan and Rick. The last scene of the two characters together will probably be from the episode "Still Gotta Mean Something" where they causally murdered a group of Saviors.

For Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead to continue and for there to be no resolution for Rick and Morgan's interesting relationship would be highly disappointing. Although getting Rick and Morgan back together might be as complicated as whatever mysterious method will be used to bring Morgan to Fear the Walking Dead. The Walking Dead and its spinoff might take place in the same time now, however, they're still set halfway across the country from one another.

Lennie James as Morgan and Andrew Lincoln as Rick in The Walking Dead Season 6

Things should be clearer when the exact circumstances of the crossover are settled. However, some speculation could still be made. The Walking Dead season 8 introduced a new character, Georgie, who seemed to want to connect communities across the world. Perhaps it will be through Georgie that Morgan finds the community of Madison Clarke and her family. It could also be through Georgie that Rick (and other characters from The Walking Dead) reunite with Morgan. For now though, things are a mystery.

There's one thing that Lennie James is pretty confident won't happen with the crossover. James' move doesn't signal Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead being gathered together in one big show. James admits that such a move is "possible" but it's not very "probable." James has no insider information as an actor. It's just his gut feeling though is that the world of The Walking Dead is going to get a lot bigger, not smaller, with his move to Fear.

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The Walking Dead season 8 concludes Sunday, April 15 with "Wrath" at 9pm on AMC. Fear the Walking Dead season 4 begins with "What's Your Story?" at 10:10pm.

Source: Hollywood Life

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