16 Things Wrong With The Walking Dead That We All Choose To Ignore

The Walking Dead may be a massive success, but it's nowhere near perfect - and fans have been ignoring its issues for far too long.

In a show that revolves around a zombie apocalypse - except no one even knows the word "zombie" - it's obvious that audiences will need to suspend their belief in reality to really enjoy the story. That being said, the mega hit TV show The Walking Dead can leave even the most die hard fans pulling their hair out week after week.

The Walking Dead presents itself as a show that is incredibly realistic in every other way, up to the obvious point of the zombie apocalypse. Maybe fans are distracted by Daryl's rippling biceps, or Negan's smooth-talking swagger, or maybe they're just sick of picking the show apart - but there are quite a few things that everyone simply chooses to ignore.

We've been forgiving The Walking Dead for slip-ups since season 1, but now that we're on the eight season, with ratings dropping fast, it's hard to keep ignoring these inconsistencies. If The Walking Dead wants to draw fans back, they'll have to face facts.

These are 16 Things Wrong With The Walking Dead We All Choose To Ignore.

16 More Walkers Should Be Decaying

The Walking Dead Molten Metal Walker

Remember when Negan had to face the problem of his walkers decaying at their posts? Well, apparently The Walking Dead itself doesn't remember, because we rarely see walkers in ruins. Aside from your average stuck-in-water walker, all traveling walkers seem to be in pretty good shape, if you can call it that.

Negan was so worried about the walkers decaying in the sun,that he employed Eugene to find a solution, which was pouring molten metal on their heads to help solidify them.

Maybe more walkers are being made every day than we realize, but after years of a zombie apocalypse, you'd think a decent amount of them would have decayed by now. According to makeup artists on the show, they do make the walkers look more decayed each year, but it's nowhere near what we see at Negan's, and frankly, not obvious enough to resolve this.

15 Andrea's Story line Went To Michonne and Carol

Michonne and Andrea in The Walking Dead Comic

In the The Walking Dead comic, the character Andrea has a far different role than she does on the show. While most fans of the show would probably agree this is a good thing, it's still worth pointing out how Andrea's changing role in the show ended up affecting both Michonne and Carol's character arcs.

In the comics, we see Andrea go from scared and weak to total hero, and while she's doing that, she manages to win Rick's heart and become a surrogate mother to Carl. In the show, however, Andrea dies, and we see Carol as the one who goes from meek to an independent fighter, and Michonne is the one to couple up with Rick. Neither characters had these arcs in the comics, but we're sure glad they do now.

14 The Hilltop, Alexandria, and The Saviors Coexisted For Months

The Walking Dead Hilltop

The timeline can be confusing in The Walking Dead. Some seasons spanned months, while more recent seasons are covering mere weeks. It can be hard to keep up with where and when exactly everyone is, but even so, there are too many communities who coexisted for months without ever running into each other.

Forget the fact that the Saviors are trying to conquer everyone they can, these communities likely would have encountered each other on even the simplest supply runs.

There's multiple communities in The Walking Dead who exist within about 20 miles of each other. It seems odd that they coexisted in peace for so long before Rick and the gang showed up. As fans of the show know, pretty much anywhere Rick goes ends up falling apart eventually.

13 The Timeline Has Slowed Considerably

The Walking Dead Rick and Carl

As previously mentioned, The Walking Dead can't seem to maintain a normally flowing timeline. Often fans are left guessing just exactly how much time has passed.

We've watched Carl grow up quite a lot in front of our eyes since season 1, but on the other hand, Maggie has been pregnant for two seasons now and there doesn't seem to be a baby coming anytime soon.

According to the showrunners there will not be a birth this season, so what gives? They admit to having slowed down the timeline - for instance, the previous season only spanned over a course of about two weeks.

At least now we have Maggie's baby bump as a sort of guiding light in this confusion. For those of us who are sick of filler scenes and episodes, it's unclear  if this is good news or bad news.

12 The Horrible CGI

The Walking Dead Bad CGI Landfill

It's no secret that The Walking Dead is one of the most watched shows on network TV. Even if ratings have fallen in recent seasons, the show is still raking in millions of viewers every week. With the massive production budget this show has, you'd think they could afford a few simple things.

Last season, for instance, proved that using a live deer or finding a real garbage dump were impossible tasks for production. Instead we got a sad excuse for a CGI deer, and a green screen garbage dump behind Rick that was embarrassingly obvious. There's nothing worse than getting pulled out of a show back into reality, especially one that requires you to suspend a significant amount of belief already.

11 Rick's Ever-Changing Accent

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes

To say that Rick Grimes' accent has gone ignored isn't completely accurate. True fans have been poking fun at Rick's strange accent since the beginning of the show, but the show hasn't acknowledge it. Rick's accent is some sort of mixture between southern drawl and posh British that we can't quite figure out.

This isn't to say anything against Andrew Lincoln's abilities as an actor, but it doesn't make it any less funny when Rick screams “Carl” 10 different ways, or when that posh British accent creeps its way through - and oh, does it creep through. All we can do is be thankful Carl didn't pick up on his dad's accent.

Fans have chalked this up to a new character quirk now assigned to the TV version of Rick Grimes. His hand is still intact, so he needed something to stand out!

10 The Weather Never Changes

The Walking Dead Cast Walking

When the gang was in Atlanta we could forgive the perpetual heat. It was southern enough to justify most of the year being warm (even though Atlanta does have changing seasons), but it's more recently that this weather debacle is really starting to become obvious.

Now that the gang is in places like Washington DC and Virginia, there should definitely be some weather changes. Maybe the walker apocalypse brought with it a massive heat wave, but that's never been noted on the show. In fact, a producer of the show actually admitted that the weather in the show mainly depends on when they shoot, and they always seem to shoot in warmer weather.

It's not the best explanation, but at least they're being honest. This seems like another case of missed opportunity with that production budget.

9 No Sign of Government Forces Surviving

The Walking Dead CDC

The lack of government presence in this walker apocalypse was briefly addressed by scientist Edwin Jenner at the CDC in season 1, but that doesn't mean it makes sense. He explained to the gang that people got so afraid after initial containment efforts failed, that they fled their posts. Supposedly, that's when everything fell apart.

It's hard to believe that this happened with every single government and military force in the country. We see zombie soldiers once - maybe a hint that all the military has turned, but it's still not convincing. If multiple communities of largely untrained people can exist within 20 miles of each other, it would only make sense that some military and government forces were able to withstand the outbreak and regroup.

Though, admittedly, there wouldn't be much of a show if Rick and the gang were swooped up and saved by the CDC.

8 Nobody Loses Weight

The Walking Dead Eugene

Given the amount of time people on The Walking Dead spend looking for food, fighting for food, and rationing supplies, you'd think they might shed a few pounds in the process. Characters like Daryl and Rick have arguably gotten more muscular over time, but that's likely just the demands of the show. Virtually nobody's body has changed drastically, and realistically everyone would either be in peak physical shape or in very poor shape and extremely thin from lack of nutrients.

As we've learned thus far in The Walking Dead, everyone is doing pretty darn well in this apocalypse, all things considered. Certain characters like Denise might get a pass for carrying some extra weight since she mainly seemed to live in a settled community, but characters like Eugene who are shown scavenging, walking, and fighting for months are more questionable.

7 Too Many Fillers

The Walking Dead Filler Scenes

If you don't believe that The Walking Dead has too many filler scenes and episodes, all it takes is a quick venture on YouTube to see compilations of the gang walking, contemplating, sitting around, and basically doing nothing. Sure, the apocalypse would be full of down time, but this is supposed to be entertaining TV, not a docudrama.

There are so many important story lines and characters at this point that the show no longer has an excuse to waste time on side characters' back stories or rambling conversation.

The season 7 finale was disappointing, to say the least. After all of the group's preparation, all the times Rick and the gang got beaten down, we finally got some action and excitement, all for it to last barely one half of the episode. This season, things are looking up, and we're pretty much getting bombarded with the exciting, important stuff. Maybe they're trying to make up for lost time, and lost ratings.

6 The Concept of Zombies Doesn't Exist

The Walking Dead Walkers

It's been a topic of conversation from day one of the show, why the world “walkers?” Has nobody on this earth heard the word “zombie” before, and for that matter, is the concept of zombies a completely new thing to them?

Well, Robert Kirkman, co-creator of the comic series, explained exactly that: the concept of a zombie does not exist in this world before the walkers. He believes it would be too simple if everyone knew what they were dealing with right away and just started shooting them in the head.

Fair enough, but that means in this seemingly normal world that parallels our own in every other way, zombie lore and all of the famous zombie films just never came to be. Kirkman did admit to using the word zombie in his scripts, and says he considers The Walking Dead a zombie show. At least he can admit that!

5 Too Many Opportunities To Kill Negan

The Walking Dead Negan and Rick

Fans of The Walking Dead have come to know Negan as a sort of supervillain. He's calm, cool, and suave even while bashing people's heads in with Lucille. It's a love/hate relationship that we don't always understand, but there's no denying he's a huge player in the game, and has been negatively influencing Rick and the gang for far too long. It's been established, almost too obviously sometimes, that defeating the Saviors is not just as simple as killing Negan - but shouldn't it be?

Sure, Negan's Saviors are a passionate and obedient bunch, but as they say, cut the head off a snake and the body will die. Many of Negan's followers are doing so out of fear, so even though they are “all” Negan, without the one true Negan, the compound would crumble much quicker.

4 Everyone Is Doing Surprisingly Well For An Apocalypse

The Walking Dead Alexandria

For quite a long time on The Walking Dead, rag tag groups of survivors defined the show. Only the strongest seemed to make it out alive, and finding a place to rest for the night was an all day chore. Even finding a place to strike up a community or living space never seemed to last long, and everyone was always on the run again eventually.

We have very quickly gotten to a place and point in time where the show is heavily populated with successful communities. There's Alexandria, the Hilltop, Oceanside, The Kingdom, the Scavengers, and the Saviors, all within about 20 miles of each other.

It makes sense that people would band together to create safe spaces, but showrunners having admitted it's only been about 2 years total - this many successful communities in such a small area is a bit of a stretch, to say the least.

3 The Gang Should Cover Themselves In Walker Guts More Often

The Walking Dead Walker Guts Disguise

Think back to a time when Glenn was alive and the The Walking Dead world was a better place. Glenn introduced Rick to the concept of covering yourself in walker guts in order to get around undetected, and why this concept wasn't used more is a total mystery. Sure, when they got rained on, their disguise started to fail, but in general, why weren't people covering themselves with walker guts constantly for supply runs or when they were out scavenging?

It's an almost foolproof way to avoid getting eaten, and yet, the walkers still get people every time. The only real explanation is that an entire cast covered in blood all the time isn't aesthetically pleasing to the audience. It also isn't an ideal way to live your life, constantly covered in walker bits, but it sure beats the alternative of not living your life.

2 Walkers Have Different Levels of Strength

The Walking Dead Walker Strength

Remember the time a walker almost overpowered Tyreese? Or when Merle turned walker and Daryl shoved him off with one hand? Or how about that walker that could barely hold onto Carl's foot before he got away? Well, they all exist in the same world.

The inconsistencies of the walkers in The Walking Dead are plentiful. From their rate of decay, to their strength, even to the way they attack, there doesn't seem to be a general walker consensus.

Sometimes we see walkers barreling towards our favorite characters no holds barred, and other times they seem to literally sneak up on the gang out of nowhere. Which is it? Are they stupid or stealthy? Are they strong or are they weak? In this case, it's probably better to suspend belief and just let it go for the sake of the story.

1 Negan Should Have Killed Rick's Gang By Now

The Walking Dead Negan Saviors

Based on Negan's track record and how little tolerance he has for people who undermine his authority, it's literally a miracle that Rick and his gang are still out and about living their lives. If it were any other group, Negan would have either killed all the men by now or made them join him, and enslaved the women. He doesn't seem to have a problem doing this any other time, so what's so special about Rick?

Well, he's the lead character of the show, of course, so they can't exactly kill him off. So instead, Negan torments Rick and the gang, somehow believing that they won't try to revolt after everything he's done to them.

If Negan were smart, and behaving in a way true to his characterization, Rick and the gang would never have become such an issue for him.


What other problems with The Walking Dead get overlooked? Let us know in the comments!

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