Walking Dead: The Saviors Escape in New Midseason Premiere Clip

The Walking Dead's brand new teaser trailer unveils the Saviors' escape plan from a zombie-surrounded Sanctuary. While the first half of the season ended on a more personal note with Rick and Michonne trying to wrap their heads around Carl's imminent death, there is a bigger narrative that the last several episodes for this season's AMC hit show needs to address, and that is the simmering fight between the Saviors and Alexandrians.

An unsuspecting Alexandria was ambushed by Negan's forces after they successfully found a way to escape the Sanctuary, which was locked down by groups of walkers. The show didn't exactly elaborate how they did that and opted to focus on our heroes' fates and the emotional reveal that Carl will be this season's big death. This time, however, a new teaser for The Walking Dead's midseason premiere reveals how the Saviors were able to sneak past through wandering undead and execute revenge on their adversaries, giving them equal footing once all-out war officially starts.

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The promo clip released ahead of The Walking Dead's return features Morgan keeping an eye on the Sanctuary and finding out that the Saviors have found a way to come out of their entrapment by clearing a path of walkers using bullets that were manufactured by Eugene. Despite Morgan's efforts trying to slow down Negan's forces and immediately reporting the situation, the Saviors prove to have a well-thought-out plan. Check out the full teaser above.

It's interesting to see Morgan at the forefront of this promo clip considering that he's about to cross over to The Walking Dead's spin-off series, Fear the Walking Dead sometime this season. The manner of how the AMC franchise will go about the transfer is still tightly under wraps but since the off-shoot is a prequel to the principal show, it's expected that there will be a huge time jump on Fear the Walking Dead to bridge the gap between the shows' different timelines.

As for the world that Lennie James will leave, we can only presume many of the Saviors will be successful in finding their way out of entrapment as this would set up the all-out war that has long been teased. Since the start of season 8, The Walking Dead has been hyping fans about a more action-packed outing following a dragged-out season 7. But after eight episodes, the show continues to waffle about whether to finally do the promised intense battle between Rick and Negan. This time, the show better give fans what they want instead of risking people being fully turned-off by the series.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, February 25 at 9pm ET on AMC.

Source: AMC

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