The Walking Dead: Maggie Thinks The Saviors Will Surrender


Lauren Cohan's Maggie thinks that The Saviors will surrender, in this sneak peek clip from The Walking Dead season 8 midseason finale. AMC’s zombie drama has struggled somewhat in its eighth season, with The Walking Dead's ratings reaching new lows on a regular basis and reviewers criticizing dull episodes for having too much aimless wandering.

However, The Walking Dead season 8 midseason finale promises to be an explosive affair, with the episode's teaser trailer showing Rick’s gang whipping out the big guns for their next confrontation with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s big bad, Negan. Andrew Lincoln’s Rick and all his allies are proving to be strong opponents to The Saviors, to the point that Maggie expects Negan’s troops to lay down their arms and give up.

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Maggie makes that claim in this week’s ‘sneak peek’ preview scene. The Walking Dead always allows its fans to see one moment from the next episode a week early, and this one is very interesting indeed. Despite being an action-packed installment, it’s clear that The Walking Dead season 8 episode 8 will also find room for at least one quiet dialogue scene.

This clip, from the midseason finale episode titled “How It’s Gotta Be”, shows Thomas Payne’s Jesus in a car with Lauren Cohan’s Maggie. These two residents of the Hilltop community share a quick chat, with Jesus opening the discussion with a simple question: “Do you think they’ll surrender?” Maggie is convinced that their enemies will give up, answering with a blunt statement: “They will. Eventually.”

“Not now?” asks Jesus, prompting a slight hint of a smile from Maggie. Touching upon the similarities between the good guys and the bad in this twisted post-apocalyptic world, she retorts, “Would we give up that quick?” She raises an interesting point: Negan may be on the back foot, but he’s also just as stubborn as Rick, Maggie, and their cohorts. Maggie is confident that the Saviors will wave the white flag soon, but not before they “run out of food, water, [and] choices.”

However, despite talking a big talk, Maggie is soon met by some evidence that the Saviors have a few more tricks up their collective sleeve. A tree has been chopped down to block the road, suggesting that Negan and his pals have put a new defense plan into action. Will Maggie be proven right, regardless of this ominous tree? You’ll just have to keep watching to find out.

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The Walking Dead season 8 midseason finale, “How It’s Gotta Be”, airs on Sunday December 10 on AMC.

Source: AMC

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