Who Will Die In The Walking Dead Midseason Finale?

It isn't just hordes of ravenous walkers and bat-wielding maniacs that are causing trouble for AMC's The Walking Dead. With a continuing dip in ratings for season 8 and some pretty unfavorable reviews, all heads are turned toward the upcoming midseason finale to see if showrunner Scott Gimple can renew hope in his flagging show. As we wind down 2017 and look ahead to what the second half of season 8 and the "All Out War" arc will bring, fans are hoping for an all guns blazing affair and some big shocks in the extended "How It's Gotta Be."

More bullets and bloodshed are inevitable, as is another one of the show's trademark shocking deaths. It seems like an age since one of the show's all-star cast shuffled off this mortal coil, so here's hoping that "How It's Gotta Be" can deliver the goods in a body bag. If someone really is for the chop this Sunday, here are our top picks of who's about to punch out their time card for The Walking Dead.

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Time for After Review Eugene

Eugene is currently Negan's right-hand man and the second most important person knocking about at the Sanctuary, but how long will it be until the yellow-bellied coward gets his comeuppance? The whole "Is Eugene still a good guy?" thing has gone on for far too long, and the recent run of episodes have positioned him as nothing less than an irritation. However, when he clocked that Dwight was the mole, Eugene didn't do the obvious and go running straight to Negan.

One way to redeem the character would be one of those typical Walking Dead arcs where a heroic sacrifice saves the day - just like Sasha. That being said, most fans would probably much rather see Mr. Mullet take a baseball bat to the head or get swarmed by a horde of walkers. Either way, we can't see how Eugene can come out the "All Out War" arc alive. Josh McDermitt himself has already thought about how he would love Eugene to die - and admit it, you have too!



More than just a Freddy Krueger wannabe, Dwight has closely followed his comic book counterpart to become a dangerous player planted inside Negan's Sanctuary. Dwight is still alive and kicking in the comics, which would suggest he is safe from a casting cull on the show. However, The Walking Dead has shown us time and again that it likes to mix character storylines together and see other names take on their comic book backstory. Also, let's remember what TV Dwight has been up to recently. With the trust of Negan, he has been slowly working with Rick and his group to topple the tyrant from the inside - but now his secret is out!

Eugene was already so close to telling Negan that Dwight is the traitor within, and the midseason finale would be the perfect time to have the scenario come to a close. Austin Amelio may only just be hitting his stride as the scarred Savior with his meatiest storyline yet, but isn't that exactly when the show usually likes to chop down its actors? As "All Out War" heads toward its second half, Eugene and Dwight are surely set to butt heads again, but whose blood will be drawn first?


Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes in The Walking Dead and zombie

Pretty much every season, Chandler Riggs gets tipped for an early grave. The actor who plays Carl Grimes has even noticed it himself - but how much longer until someone is right about Rick's son? Being the child of the show's lead is some pretty heavy plot armor to carry, but it would also make for one hell of a jaw-dropping death. Some fans feel that the death of Lori back in season 3 was a little underwhelming, and while Rick has faced some important losses since then, the rest of his family remains intact.

Carl is already rumored for a midseason death thanks to the various promos which have shown Alexandria under attack. With Carl taking a leadership role at the Safe Zone, his words, “All we have to do is survive the night,” may actually be a curse upon himself.

It is unlikely that the network would spoil such a big event, but it could also serve as a distraction ahead of his death later in the episode. Remembering Glenn's dumpster fake-out, The Walking Dead loves to tease someone's demise before it actually happens. Bear in mind that it has largely been the Kingdom and the Sanctuary who have faced death in season 8, while Alexandria has managed to keep its numbers up (apart from Eric). The one-eyed junior sheriff looks to be in it for the long run, but Gimple could be preparing to pull the rug from underneath us.

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