The Walking Dead Midseason Return Trailer: The War Ends Now

The Walking Dead returns for more war - and emotion - in a new trailer for the zombie series' 2018 midseason premiere. Among other things, the recently-released Walking Dead midseason return synopsis promised a resolution to not only the 'All-Out War' storyline, but also that shocking development involving Carl that concluded Season 8A.

When last we left The Walking Dead, Negan had launched an angry attack against Alexandria in retaliation for the attack on the Sanctuary that took up most of Season 8A. Thanks to Carl's quick thinking - and his ability to play Negan - total disaster was averted and many were able to escape. Unfortunately, we learned that Carl himself had been bitten by a walker while previously helping Siddiq. It doesn't look good for Carl as the show battles on into the back half of Season 8.

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Buzzfeed has now served up an exclusive first look at The Walking Dead Season 8B. As you would expect, the clip is heavy on Carl. But as the trailer shows, not all is misery and death. Reunions are in the offing too, because who doesn't love a good emotional Walking Dead reunion (especially when Daryl and Carol are involved)? Watch the trailer in the space above.

The new clip begins with a shot of Alexandria in flames after the raid by Negan and the Saviors. We quickly cut to the sewer where everyone is holed up after narrowly escaping Negan's wrath. Rick and Michonne tend to a dying Carl, who as usual has words of wisdom for his dad. Carl's speech brings us back to Rick's brief retirement from violence to become a peaceful pig farmer. "You can still be like that again," Carl says. And maybe that's what the "Old Man Rick" flash-forward was teasing all along? Rick's return to living peacefully instead of fighting? Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, addressing the controversy over Carl's fate, indeed promised the move would be a springboard for meaningful story development.

However, Rick doesn't seem to believe Carl's words of encouragement. Why? Because Negan's still out there. The plan is for the remaining Alexandrians to amass at the Hilltop for a last stand. Dwight quite rightfully questions whether everyone getting together in one place is really a smart move. "All of us together will be their worst damn nightmare," Daryl growls in reply. We then see Ezekiel being threatened, now that The Kingdom has been taken over by the Saviors, and responding with typical poetic aplomb. Then there's a very quick glimpse of Negan receiving Dean's coffin with its message from Maggie. Because Maggie isn't taking anymore guff off Negan.

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More quick flashing shots tease future developments. Jadis shows up again, fully clothed and looking sad, possibly because she ran away after promising to help Rick. There's also a look at Father Gabriel with his eyes very red, obviously still sick from coating himself in zombie guts. We also see Eugene with one of his favorite girls, possibly slamming wine and playing Atari boxing. And Enid and Aaron are still out there somewhere? The clip ends on a very emotional note: a doomed Carl recalls the words his mom Lori said to him when she herself was dying from a zombie mauling. "Before she died mom told me I was gonna beat this world."

The Walking Dead returns for more war, mayhem and emotion - and apparently more Jadis - on Sunday, February 25 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Source: Buzzfeed

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