'The Walking Dead: Michonne' Telltale Games Miniseries Announced

Walking Dead Michonne Telltale Game

Back in 2003, writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore introduced the world to The Walking Dead, a character-driven and particularly bleak and gruesome comic book about a father, Rick Grimes, attempting to survive in the zombie apocalypse. The series earned critical praise and eventually the story was picked up by AMC. The TV series has given the bloody franchise's popularity an enormous boost; more than 15 million viewers watched the season 5 finale.

While readers still follow the comic and TV viewers anxiously await season 6 and the spinoff show, Fear the Walking Dead, gamers have another opportunity to immerse themselves in The Walking Dead's horrifying universe thanks to Telltale Games. The digital publisher's two The Walking Dead games have been a hit, receiving plenty of love from both fans and critics. Now, a new miniseries called The Walking Dead: Michonne has been announced during this year's E3.

Between The Walking Dead #126 - the conclusion of the 'All Out War' story arc - and #139, the sword-wielding badass named Michonne vanished. As Rick and the others did their best to exist in a world full of hordes of the undead, they had no idea what happened to their friend. Eventually, it's revealed Michonne and a few others set sail and spent some time out at sea - but the specifics about her adventure were left unsaid. Telltale's game will reveal what happened to Michonne while she was missing from the pages of the comic series and what made her return.

Michonne in The Walking Dead

Telltale has a strong track record with the franchise, offering two stories that are rich in character, emotion, and all of the horror and violence one would expect from a journey featuring a seemingly endless army of flesh-eating corpses. Because of that, expectations are of course set quite high for this new adventure. Players fully expect a thrilling and moving story and understandably so. Throw in the fact it's featuring one of the franchise's most popular characters and the expectations rise even further.

Michonne's skill with a blade certainly makes her leave an impression - watching her slice and dice zombies never gets old and it's likely to be great fun in the game - but it's her personality which gives her the potential to be a great lead. As series creator Robert Kirkman said, "Michonne herself is a reflection of the world of The Walking Dead." She does what needs to be done and can adapt to her harsh surroundings, but there's a very human story lurking behind that confident and harsh exterior. Michonne's past - which is spelled out when she returns in issue #139 - has molded her into an emotional and compelling character, and that's sure to play a big role in how she conducts herself in the story.

Just like the other Telltale games, players will presumably be able to choose her responses in conversations and select her actions in drastic situations. Given the fact that she's an established character, one can only assume Telltale has put in the right amount of research to make sure her reactions in the game - be them compassionate or cold - will still feel in character for the complex and deadly individual.

The Walking Dead: Michonne - A Telltale Games Mini-series will be available this fall on Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC/Mac, and iOs and Android devices. Players must own at least the first episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two to play.

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