• The Walking Dead: Michonne's Best Kills, Ranked
    Michonne (Danai Gurira) The Walking Dead Season 3

    The Walking Dead would never have lasted this long had it not had cool and engaging characters to make us stick around. Among these cool characters, there is Michonne, who ranks quite near the top. The katana-wielding master has been nothing short of awesome in all her time and her coolness factor has remained high from the start.

    She’s had the more stylish kills on the show, mainly due to her weapon of choice, and these are usually standout kills. We’ll take a look here over those kills that rank among the highest for Michonne. These consider both walker and human deaths as taking anybody out – human or zombie – counts as killing them. Here are Michonne’s Best Kills, Ranked.

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  • 10 / 10
    The Hermit

    In a season three episode, Michonne and the gang happened upon a cabin that was occupied by a man who is only known as the Hermit. That’s because the guy had no clue an apocalypse had even happened despite there being a ten-month gap between the outbreak and the episode’s events.

    The poor guy met his end because he was too stupid to listen to the heroes, and Michonne stabbed him with her katana after he was about to let a whole herd of Walkers in the cabin. What’s more, the “good guys” then fed his body to the herd and skedaddled.

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  • 9 / 10

    The Saviors had been introduced as a mysterious bunch who wouldn’t break Negan’s rules even if it killed them. The best example would be that of Isabelle, whom Michonne encountered before attempting to get Isabelle to take her to Negan.

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    Isabelle tried to fight Michonne off but failed, and then offered Michonne a gun so that she could end her life rather than face Negan with failure. Michonne, in a rather stone-cold manner, complied and silently shot Isabelle in the car; she walked away without remorse, although she did look uncomfortable with what had just happened.

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  • 8 / 10

    While the fight was bloody – very excessively so – between Michonne and Farron in the season seven finale of The Walking Dead, it doesn’t rank high because it made Michonne look like a wimp. Farron had been introduced in the very same episode and had no impressive feats to her name, while Michonne had plenty of them - this should have been easy.

    However, Michonne had the hardest time taking Farron out and spent several minutes grappling with her in a gory contest. It finally ended in Michonne’s favor, though, as she beat Farron to a pulp before dropping her down from a house balcony to her ultimate death. Still, it was no easy victory.

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  • 7 / 10
    The Walker

    Michonne may have become a main character from season three, but her first appearance was in season two. We first saw her when she rescued Andrea from certain doom after the farm was completely overrun by walkers. Michonne happened upon Andrea and all we saw was a quick slash before the walker she attacked fell.

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    It was a cool introduction to a cool character as Michonne’s face was hidden while her hood covered most of her; the mysteriousness to her character that was required was pulled off magnificently with this kill. Add in the chained walkers by her side and it was a job well done.

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  • 6 / 10
    Michonne The Walking Dead Theresa

    This kill may have gotten lost in the mix, but it was a thoroughly satisfying one to watch. Of all the people killed on The Walking Dead, no one deserved it more than the sick freaks from Terminus who ate people for food and sport.

    They found their end at the hands of Rick and company and most were bludgeoned to death by the butts of their rifles. Michonne was one of these attackers and she slammed the rifle straight into Theresa’s face repeatedly until the life left her body. And you thought Negan was the one who introduced this concept, didn’t you?

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  • 5 / 10

    The Governor realized what a total badass Michonne was and tried to get her killed earlier on. To this end, he sent a number of his goons to dispose of Michonne, but what he didn’t foresee was Michonne taking these guys out.

    She did so in remarkable fashion with a guy called Crowley. We never see much in terms of clean decapitations from Michonne, but here was an instance where just that happened as Michonne swung the katana... and pop! Crowley’s head came clean off.

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  • 4 / 10
    Hershel's Head

    Sure, Hershel was a dear friend and like a father to Michonne, but it was business as usual when it came to light that Hershel had reanimated. Amongst the ruins of the prison came out Michonne and the first thing she saw was Hershel’s severed head having returned as a walker (does it qualify as one if he doesn’t have legs?)

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    Regardless, Michonne did what needed to be done and stabbed the reanimated head straight in the side of the skull. It was a cool scene, but it also showed how Michonne was willing to do the hard work, even if it pained her.

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  • 3 / 10
    Penny Blake

    The Governor didn’t have many emotional weaknesses save for one and this was what Michonne had her eye out for. She had witnessed the animated Penny “playing” with the Governor, who was her father, and you’d think she’d made up her mind then that she would take the walker child out.

    She did just that in an all-out confrontation with the Governor, where impaling the little girl through the mouth was Michonne’s move. She did so with such ferocity that it would appear she took pride in completing the act; it hurt the Governor and put Penny out of her misery.

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  • 2 / 10
    Ron Anderson

    This kid was such a punk we couldn’t wait for him to get killed. Introduced in season five, Ron and his family were annoying from the start and never sat well with the audience. So, the mid-season premiere gave fans what they wanted and the whole family was killed off.

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    Ron was the last to go, as he trained his gun on Rick only for Michonne to blindside him by impaling him through the chest from behind. Funnily enough, not one person cared that Ron was dead, least of all Michonne, and we love her more for that.

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  • 1 / 10
    The Governor

    Unlike Negan, The Governor could never have lasted long due to his destructive habits. Everyone could see his plan of attacking the prison was nothing more than suicidal and this came to pass as he saw his end there.

    Ultimately, it was at the hands of his hated rival Michonne, as the Governor didn’t see her coming while he was throttling Rick. Michonne finally got to take the man out as he had antagonized her throughout season three. His death was cathartic for her because he was finally out of the picture and rightfully met a painful death.

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