The Walking Dead's Michael Cudlitz Teases SDCC Appearance

Michael Cudlitz as Abraham in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead alum, Michael Cudlitz, has confirmed that he'll be heading to this year's SDCC event. Cudlitz portrayed Abraham Ford on The Walking Dead, debuting in season 4 alongside Eugene and Rosita before meeting an untimely death in season 7. A formidable ex-military type, Abraham possessed a kind heart and was romantically attached to Rosita, before entering a relationship with Sasha shortly before being killed. Along with Glenn, Abraham was one of the sacrificial lambs offered up in order to establish the evil and brutality of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan during the villain's first major appearance.

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Following his bloody demise, Cudlitz briefly reprised his role in a season 7 flashback sequence, however, the actor was still not finished with The Walking Dead and returned during the show's ninth season, this time behind the camera as a director. After Cudlitz's episode, "Stradivarius," was well-received, the man himself has already confirmed that he'll be back to shoot an episode of the forthcoming The Walking Dead season 10. When a surprise crossover character was announced as moving over from The Walking Dead to Fear The Walking Dead in late 2017, Cudlitz's character was strongly rumored as the mystery figure. Ultimately, however, the role went to Lennie James' Morgan.

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In a new post on his personal Twitter account, Michael Cudlitz has now more or less confirmed that he'll be appearing at next week's San Diego Comic Con, although the actor wouldn't be drawn into revealing the exact capacity in which he'll be attending.

The Walking Dead will have a strong presence at SDCC 2019, with the main series hosting a Friday afternoon panel ahead of its upcoming tenth season, expected to release later this year. It's possible that an official release date and trailer could emerge during the event, and Cudlitz is likely attending in his capacity as both a director on The Walking Dead and a familiar face that fans would be happy to see and direct questions towards. Any notion that Abraham could be somehow returning to the world of The Walking Dead seems highly unlikely, but with a third series currently in development, there remains a small possibility that Cudlitz could reprise his role.

Cudlitz may be attending the convention for reasons entirely unrelated to the zombie apocalypse, but the fact that his post ends with "#TWD" acts as a fairly strong indication as to the franchise he'll be representing. Of course, there's far more than just panels on offer, with AMC's SDCC lineup offering various experiences and fan interactions and it's possible that Cudlitz has been drafted in to be form part of those attractions.

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The Walking Dead season 10 is expected to premiere in October 2019 on AMC.

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