Walking Dead Star Michael Cudlitz Returns To Direct Season 10 Episode

Michael Cudlitz

Former Walking Dead cast member Michael Cudlitz will return to the show in Season 10 to direct an episode. Cudlitz made his Walking Dead debut back in Season 4, and his character Abraham Ford quickly became a fan-favorite thanks to his heroism and hilarious one-liners. That is until he was killed off in the most brutal way, alongside his buddy Glenn, at the hands of Negan and his beloved baseball bat Lucille during the Season 7 premiere.

Since leaving the show, Cudlitz has been keeping busy, having nabbed a main role in 1970s-set sitcom The Kids Are Alright, and a role in first-time feature filmmaker Kd Amond’s forthcoming movie Five Women in the End. Unfortunately for Cudlitz, The Kids Are Alight was cancelled after just one season, so the Walking Dead directing gig is great news for the actor.

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Cudlitz officially confirmed that he’ll be directing a Season 10 episode on Twitter, and that filming of the episode will start in Atlanta tomorrow. According to the tweet, Cudlitz “could not be more excited” about the prospect of returning to the show. This won’t be the first time Cudlitz has ventured behind the camera on the set of The Walking Dead either. He returned to the show in Season 9 to direct the penultimate mid-season episode “Stradivarius”- his directorial debut, in fact - which was well-received by fans and critics alike.

The plot of the episode Cudlitz is set to direct is currently unknown, but according to the actor’s IMDB page, it’ll be the third episode of Season 10. However the episode pans out, it’s certainly a good time to be returning to The Walking Dead. Season 9 represented a return to top form for the long-running show, with many viewers hailing it the best season they’ve seen in a long while, thanks to the talents of new showrunner Angela Kang. Plus, with the Whisperers looking like they’ve got something nefarious in store for Alexandria and Hilltop, alongside the mystery of the unidentified radio contact in the last finale, Season 10 is already shaping up to be a great one. Cudlitz’s episode definitely has plenty of exciting plotlines to potentially explore.

On the downside, Walking Dead fans have a few months to wait before Season 10 premieres later this year. In the meantime, they’ll have to get their zombie horror fix with the next season of spinoff show Fear the Walking Dead, which premieres next month.

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Source: Michael Cudlitz/Twitter

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