The Walking Dead: Michael Cudlitz Would Return For Abraham Flashbacks

Walking Dead - Michael-Cudlitz as Abraham Ford

Michael Cudlitz says he's open to returning for more Abraham flashback scenes in future seasons of The Walking Dead. In the walker-filled apocalyptic world of TWD, there have naturally been many gruesome deaths along the way, many of which occurred to characters that fans had gotten to know and love over multiple seasons. One such character was Abraham (Cudlitz), who met his maker at the hands of Negan's bloodthirsty "girl" Lucille in The Walking Dead's controversial season 7 premiere.

While Abraham's death always tends to get overshadowed by Glenn's eve-popping demise later in the same episode, the man truly died as he lived: defiant to the end. Abraham wasn't at all willing to submit to Negan, bravely holding his ground the best he could, even as the psychotic leader of the Saviors' hard shots began to rain down on his head. As Negan said, Abraham took his death "like a champ," which is more than could be said for many other deceased Walking Dead characters.

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Near the end of season 7 though, fans were treated to an unexpected surprise, as Abraham returned in flashback leading up to his girlfriend Sasha's own self-inflicted death. These scenes gave fans insight into why exactly Sasha opted to kill herself in transport, in order to wage a zombified surprise attack on Negan from beyond the grave. Cudlitz was asked by Cinema Blend if he would be willing to return for more flashbacks during future seasons of The Walking Dead, and he responded with an enthusiastic yes. Here's his full quote:

Sgt. Abraham Ford meets Negan in The Walking Dead season six finale

I would strongly consider whatever the show came at me with at any point. I had a great experience with the show. As long as they keep telling stories the way they're telling them, which I feel is amazing, I'd be open to anything as long as it worked with my schedule, obviously. I'm on the other side of [the show's current story]. But I would certainly come back and play if they wanted me to. I think that any of that stuff, that origin story, or why people are making certain decisions. You could trace it back to our earlier group if that helps, do that. That could certainly be explored, and the audience would love it, because that's how we tell the stories. It wouldn't be something that was manufactured just to bring characters back. We do flashbacks on the show. We have since the beginning. So yeah, all that is definitely a possibility. There's another character that I think would be back before me. But who knows?

As Cudlitz points out, using flashbacks as a way to bring beloved dead characters back is in no way a cheat within the established structure of The Walking Dead, as the show has employed dramatically-revealing flashbacks since the beginning of its soon to be 8-season - and counting - run. Abraham also created close bonds with multiple characters over the course of his journey on The Walking Dead, so there's a wide range of ways a flashback featuring him could be employed from a creative standpoint.

Of course, if Abraham can come back, one wonders just how many other long-dead Walking Dead characters could also one day return via flashback. Glenn seems like an obvious candidate, perhaps during a private moment with wife Maggie that viewers weren't previously made privy to. There's also the possibility of one day reuniting the Dixon brothers that way too, perhaps by way of illustrating that for all his faults as a person, Merle did indeed teach his younger sibling some valuable life lessons. As intriguing as they are though, only time will tell whether any such dead person flashbacks actually take place during season 8.

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The Walking Dead season 8 premieres October 22 on AMC.

Source: Cinema Blend

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