The Walking Dead: Maggie On 'Path of Vengeance' Against Negan

Lauren Cohan in The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 8

As AMC's The Walking Dead continues its trail of death and destruction in the second half of season 8, Lauren Cohan promises that Maggie will be out for vengeance.

While the first half of season 8 told only part of the 'All Out War' chapter of Robert Kirkman's comic series, the show's return will be wrapping up the fight between big bad Negan and the rest of the communities. So far this season, we have seen several big casualties, but the body count is set to rise in the back end of season 8. Everyone is baying for blood, but it now seems that even Maggie can't avoid the harsh realities of war.

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Speaking to EW, the 36-year-old revealed what's next for Maggie, and it doesn't sound like she will be kneeling before Negan anytime soon:

"She continues down this path of vengeance after Negan that I feel like the audience is on. I really feel like Maggie gets to vocalise the anger towards that enemy in this, and it gets very much more specific as we go on."

Last year's midseason finale saw a change in Maggie, going from placid leader of The Hilltop to full-blown warrior woman. After Negan's men executed one of Maggie's on the road, something snapped inside her and we saw the character head back to her home to kill one of the Saviors that she was holding captive. It was a shocking move away from the mild-mannered farm girl we have come to love, but it sounds like Maggie's violent streak will continue in season 8:

"That definitely, in some strokes, came as a surprise to me because we had this sort of subdued-seeming feeling for her, and it was like, 'Wow, is it really going to be okay? Am I recovering? Am I becoming just this leader who can handle all this and put the past behind her?' Sometimes yes, sometimes no, and that's life, I guess...She's thinking about Hershel and Glenn and where she's come from and what she now needs to do and how she now needs to suit up. I don't think she regrets doing it, but she does feel it."

Cohan originally appeared back in season 2 on the Greene farm, but now remains as the last surviving member of the family. Having also lost her partner Glenn in season 7's brutal premiere, Maggie has been through more heartache than most. However, the character has been strengthened by losing those closest to her and has emerged as one of the show's most formidable survivors. Everyone has a score to settle with Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan, but Maggie has arguably the biggest cause for revenge. We already know that big changes are coming courtesy of Angela Kang as the new showrunner in season 9, but Maggie seems to be getting something of a personality makeover when the show returns in February.

On a show that is so known for its good female characters, Maggie is up there with the likes of Michonne and Sasha as badass women not to be messed with. Fans of the comics will know how the upcoming battle with Negan ends, but with a show so notorious for switching up the storylines from page to screen, who knows what happens next. However, we do know that Maggie is definitely a woman on a mission, who won't stop until she gets what she wants. Watch your back, Negan.

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The Walking Dead season 8 continues Sunday, February 25.

Source: EW

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