10 Hysterical The Walking Dead Logic Memes Only True Fans Understand

By this point, only true fans have remained with The Walking Dead, considering the record drops in viewership the show has experienced, to the point that main characters of Rick, Michonne, and Maggie have left because their actors didn’t feel the show was worth it anymore.

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Since it’s just us diehard The Walking Dead fans now, we don’t need to set up the following list for you, seeing as just one sight at these memes will have you laughing since all us fans know just what they imply. Remember, these 10 memes are best enjoyed when you have a sense of humor, and the logic behind these will only make you laugh harder.

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10 What's Happening Here?

By the third season of The Walking Dead, characters had gotten so amazing in their shooting skills that a kid like Carl was a gunslinger like no other. In case of the adults, shooting was second nature in that aiming was a feature they didn’t even use.

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For instance, here we have the Governor giving off the impression that he’s aiming for a shot, except he can’t because that eye has a freakin’ bandage on it - then why the heck is he aiming in the first place? It can’t be out of habit, because no one ever does scope for a shot in this universe.

9 Would You Shut Up Already?

This has gotten slightly better as of Season 9, because a couple of seasons ago we saw more than half of the millions of The Walking Dead viewers tune off due to the exasperating tendency of the characters to talk about what they were going to do instead of, well, actually doing it.

Season 7 and Season 8 were both so frustrating to watch because of this formula, and you got the sense that the whole storyline could have been done and dusted had these people shut their traps and gone about killing off the bad guys.

8 But Why?

If you didn’t believe this before, then Season 9 gave you a full reason to believe this trope from the show. We saw Enid’s head on the pike in this season, and this left us yet again with just the one doctor in Siddiq.

For some reason, The Walking Dead loves inducing tension by taking out doctors. We’ve seen this way too many times for it to be a coincidence now, as Edwin Jenner, Denise, the Carson brothers, and now Enid have all been killed just so that we had one doctor remaining in the group. Looks like there’s no worse survival rate for a job than the one that’s supposed to be about saving lives.

7 So much for shooting skills

We ain’t letting go of our pal the Governor just yet, because the guy again gave us another reason to question his logic. While the Governor seemed to be a wiz at training a gun from a great distance despite not having the eyeball that was supposed to be doing the scoping, he absolutely sucked at firing his gun in close range.

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This was evident when he took out Axel from an enormously far distance, only to completely miss every other shot he made at the main characters following his impressive kill. How are we supposed to believe he got a shot even trained snipers would have difficulties with, yet couldn’t shoot bozos right in front of him with an automatic?

6 How to tell apart a crazy person

Before you start ranting how we missed the point, we did get that shaving his head meant a symbolizing of Shane’s turn toward the dark side. However, this means the reference was too on the nose, as it instead appeared as if shaving his hair off was the reason why Shane lost his marbles.

Before that, he was shown to feel regret at his actions, such as when he had flashes of Otis’ screams after Shane left the guy to die. But when it came to his actions after removing his hair, Shane went off the rails and was never seen feeling bad about it. Did he unlock some kind of “being evil” button on that bald head of his?

5 Who's Your Barber?

The Walking Dead writers must have been giggling like crazy at the satisfaction for giving us a good reason for Axel’s survival in the prison by surviving off stored food for almost a year, but these guys forgot to take note of the fact that Axel looked like he had his own personal groomer with him in his cell.

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We saw nothing to suggest the prisoners had access to beauty products, and that would’ve been stupid anyway considering these guys were supposed to be convicts in jail. Plus, why would Axel bother keeping up his appearance when he was locked in a cell with a bunch of dudes?

4 You know, because of that thing with the eye

Okay, this is a pretty mean meme by whoever made it, but we must admit we did chuckle. And it’s not because of Carl’s blindness, but because the meme showed us how hilariously useless Carl should have been after he lost his eye.

In a world where you need to be on the lookout for zombies and people who want to bash your heads in, Carl was without half the sight required to do so; and yet, the kid was such an awesome shot with a gun that you’d think he was the next Terminator in the making. Carl never missed a shot, even getting guys who shouldn’t have been in his view.

3 Playing Idiot Ball

There’s a defined trope called “Idiot Ball,” where characters act as if the world expects them to get away with acting like an idiot. Glenn certainly fit the bill for this, as the skinny guy thought it would be wise to punch a behemoth like Abraham and walk away.

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Predictably, Abraham proceeded to beat the crap out of Glenn for his insolence, but that doesn’t change the reasoning in Glenn’s mind that Abraham would’ve just let Glenn punch him and give him a thumbs up for his courage or something like that.

2 Great Car Service In the Apocalypse

There’s been enough proof to back up the assertion that the zombie outbreak did start out in 2010, which doesn’t bode well for The Walking Dead if it doesn’t want people questioning stuff and thangs from the show. Take this for instance, where we saw a car from 2013 at a time when cars hadn’t even been in production for three years.

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More so than the presence of futuristic cars, we have a bone to pick with how people still have petrol - how the heck is this still attainable when it’s been years since zombies took over? Even when it’s been about ten years since the beginning of the show, we still see cars driving around as if oil is as abundant as Daryl’s frequent grunts.

1 The Forgotten Guy

You know, we only noticed T-Dog was still on the show when the zombies were munching on his tasty corpse because the guy had been nowhere to be seen in all of Season 2. Why the showrunners decided to keep him alive at in the second season is a mystery, since his role was more dead than the Walkers Hershel had kept in his barn.

In fact, had T-Dog been in the barn with the Walkers, even those zombies wouldn’t have noticed him there because of how meaningless his role was. The moment he opened his mouth to say more than two words in Season 3, we knew for sure he was going to be zombie dinner by the end of that episode - and we were right.

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