Walking Dead: Lauren Cohan in "Active Negotiations" to Return for Season 9

The Walking Dead actress Lauren Cohan is reportedly in "active negotiations" to return for the series' ninth season. This news comes on the heels of reports that series stars Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus already signed on for season 9. The Walking Dead currently is about to resume season 8 after the mid-season break.

Lauren Cohan made her first appearance as farmer's daughter Maggie Greene in TWD season 2, the infamous Hershel's Farm season. Maggie quickly became a fan favorite, and Cohan became a series regular in season 3. The romance between Cohan's character and Steven Yeun's Glenn Rhee later became a major plot focus. Despite the horrors of the zombie apocalypse, Maggie and Glenn took a leap of faith by conceiving a child. The couple's road took a tragic turn however when, on a mission to get medical care for a pregnant Maggie, the group ran up against Negan and the Saviors. Negan would brutally murder Glenn with signature weapon Lucille, a controversial story decision that many fans have yet to get over.

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With Lauren Cohan yet to sign a new deal for season 9, speculation ran rampant that Maggie would meet her own end in the back half of season 8. However, TVLine reports that Cohan is in fact currently in the middle of negotiations for a new deal to return. Furthermore, Cohan has given the show no indication she wants to leave. Production on season 9 won't begin until May so there remains plenty of time for a deal to happen.

Maggie Greene The Walking Dead

So it appears Walking Dead fans won't have to prepare themselves for another tragic season 8 death. Things have already gotten heavy this season, with Carl Grimes suffering a walker bite that will almost certainly kill him. That death, set up in the final episode of season 8A, will pay off in the upcoming season 8B kickoff.

In addition to Carl's fate being decided, the season's second half will also explore Maggie's own campaign of revenge against Negan. Given that Negan killed her child's father, Maggie arguably has more reason than anyone to want Negan dead. The first-half finale indeed saw Maggie staring down some of Negan's nastiest minions and never blinking. After the death of Neil at the hands of Simon, Maggie took down lippy prisoner Dean and packed him into a coffin to send as a message to Negan.

With Lauren Cohan actively working out a new deal to remain on The Walking Dead, it seems the death of Maggie is one thing we won't have to deal with for at least one more season. Those rooting for Maggie to be the one who finally puts a bullet in Negan may still get their wish.

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The Walking Dead returns for the second half of season 8 on February 25.

Source: TVLine

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