Walking Dead Showrunner Wants Lauren Cohan to Return in Season 10

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The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang hopes Lauren Cohan will return for season 10 to complete Maggie’s story. After landing a role in ABC’s new series Whiskey Cavalier, longtime TWD regular Cohan will only appear in a handful of episodes during the zombie drama’s upcoming 9th season. However, Cohan herself has already confirmed that Maggie won’t die, leaving the door open for a return somewhere down the road.

As Walking Dead season 9 begins, the story is expected to center largely on the conflict between Maggie and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) that still lingers after Rick’s decision to imprison Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) rather than kill him. In general, the season will revolve around the show’s many female characters, including Michonne (Danai Gurira) who finds herself in more of a leadership position, and Carol (Melissa McBride), as she begins a romance with Ezekiel (Khary Payton). The season will also introduce potentially the most evil female character ever on the show, Whisperers leader Alpha, played by Samantha Morton.

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Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang has previously teased that much of the first half of season 9 will focus on Maggie, and the strong story writers have crafted for the character ahead of Cohan's departure. In a new interview with Comic Book, Kang talked more about Maggie’s arc and expressed her hope that Cohan will return in season 10 to wrap up the story. Kang said:

"I'll say first of all that we've still planned some more story with Maggie, Lauren wants to, it will be a little subject to her schedule but hopefully we have her back next season,. We have always planned to have this great story with Maggie this season and I think we promised something. We wanted to pay off that promise. We definitely have a very strong Maggie arc."


Kang also teased that certain other characters will have to step into a leadership role at the Hilltop after Maggie’s departure. Season 9 is expected to generally revolve more around character than action, now that the show has wrapped up the “All Out War” arc that dominated season 8. There will also be a time jump that carries the story into a period where the remaining vestiges of civilization have begun failing, forcing the survivors to find new ways to sustain themselves.

Of course, looming over the season is the imminent departure of Rick Grimes, as lead actor Andrew Lincoln prepares to exit the show. It seems as though the tension between Rick and Maggie will be a dominant thread at least early in the season, and it will be interesting to see how that situation ultimately resolves itself. Maggie certainly has reason to be angry with Rick after he let Negan live, and may ultimately have to take matters into her own hands and dispatch the man who murdered her husband Glenn. With season 9 jumping ahead in time, Maggie will also have her and Glenn's baby to take care of.

The big question is how The Walking Dead deals with Maggie’s departure, and what happens with the character down the road. With AMC reportedly planning multiple movies and spinoffs, there should be plenty of options for bringing Maggie back into the fold if that's indeed the plan. And it’s also worth noting that though Lincoln is exiting the series, it’s not yet known if Rick will actually die. What's known is that Lincoln does indeed want to return for season 10, albeit as a director.

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Source: Comic Book

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