Walking Dead Working On Bringing Back Lauren Cohan

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The Walking Dead is working to bring back Maggie actress Lauren Cohan, says the series’ showrunner, Angela Kang. Cohan’s character Maggie Greene first joined the AMC zombie series in season 2, and stayed with the show through the beginning of season 9 before being written out as Cohan left to headline the ABC spy series Whiskey Cavalier. ABC has since elected to cancel Whiskey Cavalier, and the show will not be back despite fan efforts to keep it alive.

Over the course of her time on The Walking Dead, Cohan's Maggie evolved into a leadership role in the cast, and also suffered unimaginable trauma as she witnessed the brutal murder of her husband Glenn at the hands of Negan. By season 9, Maggie had become head of the story’s Hilltop community, while also raising her child, Hershel. Maggie’s exit from the series came as a major shake-up, as it happened along with the departure of long time lead character Rick Grimes, but the door was left open for Maggie to return as she was not killed off, but instead left to help the mysterious character Georgie in some unknown other community.

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Now, it looks like the door is wide open for Cohan to return to The Walking Dead if she so desires. In an interview with EW, Kang revealed that efforts are being made to arrange a reunion between the franchise and the actress. “I’m not sure if I can say much about it right now actually,” Kang said. “I’ll just say that we’re working on it.”

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Kang offered no details beyond her brief comments, so it's not known exactly what the plans would be for Maggie's return, if a return is indeed in the offing. It's possible Maggie could come back to the main show for season 10, though such a move might be complicated as season 10 is already in production and presumably has already been planned out (though plans can always be altered, and if need be, time jumps can always be executed in order to get over story obstacles). A seemingly more likely possibility is that Maggie would come back in one of the Rick-centered Walking Dead movies being planned. The Walking Dead is also branching out into a third series, casting for which has already begun, so there's also a chance Maggie could somehow be fitted into that story.

As of now, in the timeline of The Walking Dead, the character is still off helping Georgie after Maggie's rather abrupt (and frankly badly handled) exit from the show. A return to the main show for Maggie would be welcome for fans who are still getting over the departure of Rick, and are about to receive another major blow as Danai Gurira's Michonne is also set to exit. But it might also be intriguing to see Maggie somehow end up reuniting with Rick in one of the movies, perhaps with Michonne also along for the ride. If AMC wishes to get their new show off to a good start, they might elect to work Maggie into it, and have her act as mentor to the series' reported young female protagonists. With so many Walking Dead properties either up and running or in the planning stages, the possibilities are almost endless.

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Source: EW

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