‘Walking Dead’ Infographic Crowns Rick Grimes King Zombie Killer

The Walking Dead Infographic

While we may not know the result of Daryl and Merle’s melee in The Governor’s twisted battle arena (minus a certain little spoiler in the coming attractions), we do know each and every walker that bit the dust from episode one, season one, all the way up to Sunday night’s mid-season three finale.

But not only have we watched zombie after zombie drop, we also know which Walking Dead survivor did the deed and the weapon he or she used to get the job done, and someone out there actually took the time to write it all down.

The National Post (via Bloody Disgusting) unveiled a very informative and rather aesthetically pleasing infographic recording every on-screen kill in a variety of formats. We’ve got the total number of kills for each season in the shape of a skull, a chart detailing how each and every one of the zombies was taken out and by whom, each protagonist's personal zombie kill count and another little bit showing off the variety of weaponry in action.

Click on the image below to enlarge (and see the entire infographic):

The Walking Dead Infographic


While the image simply is loads of fun to ogle, it also reveals quite a bit about the direction that the show is heading. The group may be itching to find a place to call home, but clearly being on the run means less zombie encounters. Then again, it could also just mean that our survivors are now much quicker at killing, and more accurate than ever, which is certainly the case now that characters like Carol and Carl are becoming just as deadly as the group’s longtime protectors.

The chronological list of zombie kills section brings back some good memories, Rick’s rock-bashing kill kicking off the season two portion and the well-dwelling zombie appropriately represented as just half of a tubby figure. Something about Michonne’s pets being represented in a single section together is eerily charming as is the fact that one of Glenn’s season three kills is pictured with a chair.

As you can see in the weapon-of-choice portion, stealth is of prime importance to the survivors, a slew of season two handguns and shotguns being swapped for guns with silencers, machetes and quite a few hammers. We’ve also got a number of survivors vying to usurp Rick as the mayor of zombie killing town. Rick gets a big boost by being one of few with season one kills, but Daryl, Andrea and Hershel all make strides the second time around. Naturally, Rick leads in the third season, but who knows? After his traumatizing experience in Woodbury, Glenn could come out swinging more fiercely than ever.

The conclusion? It was Daryl in Woodbury with a crossbow. Or at least I’d like it to be.


Source: National Post (via Bloody Disgusting)

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