Walking Dead: Katelyn Nacon Hopes Enid Survives Season 8

Katelyn Nacon made her first appearance as Enid on The Walking Dead in the 5th season episode, "Remember." Now going into Season 8 her character has grown closer to the survivors in Rick’s group and is in a better place than she was when they had first met. Screen Rant had the chance to sit down with Katelyn at New York Comic Con where she discussed her thoughts on the upcoming season, the character she’d like to see survive, and her favorite comic book characters.

Joe: Hey guys, this is Joe with Screen Rant, I am here with Katelyn who plays Enid from The Walking Dead how are you?

Katelyn: Good, how are you doing?

Joe: I'm doing great, is this your first time in New York Comic Con?

Katelyn: Yes, I’m so excited, I love it so far it's amazing.

Joe: Have you been on the floor at all?

Katelyn: I like stepped through it like once.

Joe: And then you're like I'm done.

Katelyn: *Laughs*

Joe: I'm done with this, so you guys are coming back and it's going to be your one hundredth episode.

Katelyn: Yes.

Katelyn Nacon in The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 5

Joe: Tell us where everybody's kind of at, so we kind of know what to expect I mean...

Katelyn: Well I mean it's like literally we just start off with the action right off, like right at the top so it just, it picks up right away so everyone's kind of in this mode of war and battle, like we have to get through this we've got to win, that kinda thing so yeah it's, it's a very adrenaline rushing first episode.

Joe: Something I loved about last season was that it ended with the good guys actually going on a victory and I did not expect that.

Katelyn: Yeah.

Joe: I just didn't, but now I feel like you can't be too happy in this world so, what's to expect?

Katelyn: Oh if you mean of unhappiness for this season?

Joe: Yeah, I mean don’t tell me we have to go through all the heartache I went through, last season was tough.

Katelyn: Yeah, there’s the way I've been explaining this season is it's a roller coaster ride you're always in have adrenaline throughout but there's going to be some steep drops in the show that you're going to push through and have to kind of scream your way through.

Joe: Now I have a question specially about Enid, do you think that she feels a sense of responsibility to become either like a caretaker or someone of like obviously loyalty towards Maggie now that Glenn's gone and Glen kind of accepted her into like his family but what do you, how do you kind of view that?

Katelyn: I think that Glenn and Maggie have opened Enid up to a completely different side of her, it's really interesting to see from where she came, where she was very closed off, had all these walls put up around her, but now we as the seasons have progressed we've seen her kind of break down those walls.

Joe: Right.

Katelyn: For people like Carl, and Glenn, and Maggie and now I think as this battle has begun Enid’s kind of becoming more of a group member and she wants to see what she can do to help out instead of just surviving on or own.

Katelyn Nacon as Enid in The Walking Dead

Joe: Right, piggybacking on that where do you think, how do you think Enid contributes to the rest the group now, where's her place?

Katelyn: I'm, I think her place is at Hilltop with Maggie, you know, and it's with the people that she has opened up herself up to, so like Maggie and Carl. So I think that she's going to do anything to help them and she's going to do anything that's going to, you know, help their community prevail.

Joe: Now speaking of Carl, this last season we saw a lot of interaction with Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character Negan, I feel like they've come to I don't know it's a weird mutual respect it's almost like Hook.

Katelyn: Yeah.

Joe: You know what I mean? Where Hook has that relationship with with Captain Hook and Peter Pan and stuff...

Katelyn: Yeah, that’s a really good analogy for it.

Joe: Haha, it wasn’t mine, it was our camera guy’s.

Katelyn: Oh, haha, (looking at camera) that was really good.

Joe: It makes sense, but do you think that now with Negan going forward with Carl now, they have this kind of understanding almost, how does that affect Enid, how does that affect Carl’s relationship?

Katelyn: I mean I feel like Carl still wants to see him dead, I feel like everyone on the show still wants to see Negan dead with the stuff that he's done.

Joe: Sure.

Katelyn: And the person that he is, that's kind of a main priority, but I mean if Carl ever said to Enid like “well maybe he's not that bad of a guy” she would just slap him right across the face. She’d be like “no, do not star thinking that.” With the things the things that he has done to affect not only him but the entire . . . not only him not only her but the entire community.

Joe: Sure.

Katelyn: There's too much to just...

Joe: Too much has happened.

Katelyn: Yeah.

Joe: At this point now we're not going to get a read you don't want to see redemption of Negan at all.

Katelyn: No, no one does, ew.

Joe: How far advanced do you guys get scripts where you know that what's at least where you, where you know where you're going with certain characters?

Katelyn: Oh oh. Whenever we get the episode so that's probably like the last two or three days of the episode we're filming before.

Joe: Oh wow.

Katelyn: Oh yeah. So It's very like it's very like you kind of find out as you go, which I kind of like as well, because you know when you're a character you don't always know what's going to happen next.

Joe: Sure.

Katelyn: So it kind of keeps the mystery not only for the viewers but for us.

Joe: So you're kind of two episodes ahead as you're, like you're reading two episodes ahead as you're shooting two episodes behind.

Katelyn: Yeah. Pretty much.

Joe: Does that affect your acting and all because you know where you're going to be in two episodes?

Katelyn: I mean not so much, I mean in some ways, like if the character makes a decision in apps in the next episode we can kind, of as an actor you can kind of just like build that up in the episode before and change your thinking into where it makes more sense for them to make that decision.

Joe: Sure. Now with Enid’s character, obviously your group is ever expanding, but also shrinking at the same time, with people unfortunately meeting their untimely death. Is there a character that you specifically would like to see Enid work with more.

Katelyn: I want to, oohh I want to work with Melissa.

Why Daryl Lied to Carol on The Walking Dead

Joe: OK, Carol?

Katelyn: Yes, I feel like yes I feel like they would be so cool together either Melissa or... either Melissa or Norman. I feel like they would be really cool.

Joe: Really?

Katelyn: Cause the thing about Daryl, that's also, Melissa plays Carol. Norman plays Darryl, just, I don't know if that's a thing, I would assume you know, but... I feel like because I really loved the dynamic that Enid and Glenn had together...

Joe: Yes.

Katelyn: I thought it when, it felt amazing working it out and I think it like portrayed amazing on screen as well.

Joe: Absolutely.

Katelyn: And so I feel like you can kinda get that again with Daryl.

Joe: Oh sure sure like this, this, it is becoming more of a family which I love that Enid has kind of accepting it now, instead of just running away from it.

Katelyn: Yeah.

Joe: Another question I had is, as Katelyn, which one of the three locations would you reside in, Alexandria, The Hilltop, or the Kingdom?

Katelyn: Alexandria...

Joe: Really? Why?

Katelyn: Yeah, because it's air conditioning and they have running water and they have electricity Oh my gosh that's like the best place to shoot because the hilltop is terrible to shoot at because we're on a hill we're surrounded by metal and it's just blazing hot all the time.

Enid and Carl comic book

Joe: A lot of method acting, yeah?

Katelyn: Yeah, it's so miserable up there...

Joe: But, the kingdom has a tiger!

Katelyn: The Kingdom is pretty sick, that would be my second choice, but I mean running water and electricity, that's pretty sweet.

Joe: That is.

Katelyn: And I know that's like exactly the opposite of where my character Enid would be, she would definitely want to be at like hilltop or the kingdom, someplace, you know it makes more sense because it's still like a part of the apocalypse and you're not pretending that it's not there but I want to pretend apocalypse is not there, there's no walkers outside.

Joe: Now I'm sure you're a fan of the show of your own work as well and everybody else’s, now what character, as Katelyn, who do you not want to see die the season?

Katelyn: Ohhhhh, Enid.

Joe: That's a good answer, it's a fair answer.

Katelyn: Yeah, I want to keep working on the show for as long as I can. I mean because not only is it an amazing show, but just the people on it are so sweet and so loving, I couldn't be more thankful.

Joe: Well, you guys are doing...

Katelyn: Come on Enid, stay alive, stay alive please.

Joe: Yeah, haha, every... every script you're going through the pages...

Katelyn: Yeah like, *mimes going through pages* Enid, Enid, Enid...

Joe: Now, obviously The Walking Dead is based on a pretty successful comic book and superhero films are huge, obviously we’re at New York Comic-Con right, if you could portray any superhero who would you want to portray?

Katelyn: Oooo like guy or girl?

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool for GQ

Joe: Either.

Katelyn: Well let's see, now because in the Marvel Universe my favorite character was Deadpool, mostly because of my brother.

Joe: OK

Katelyn: His favorite character was Deadpool and I was like why? And then I figured out how amazing he was and I was like yes that totally makes sense. And then in D.C. Comics my favorite character was The Flash, the funny flash, I don't remember which one it is I think it’s Barry...

Joe: There's Barry, Wally, Wally?

Katelyn: Wally. I think it’s probably Wally.

Joe: Wally West, Yeah.

Katelyn: Yeah, the funny one

Joe: The funny one.

Katelyn: Yeah, like I always go for the funny characters, I love them. I don't know if I would play them but I've always wanted to play like Batgirl or something.

Joe: Well, there is a Teen Titans show now Katelyn...

Katelyn: I know oh my gosh, no Raven, that's who I always wanted to play, it was Raven and all and I missed my chance.

Joe: Well, hey, there's still a cinematic film to be made.

Katelyn: I remember I was watching like Teen Titans when I was little, I would watch Justice League, Teen Titans those are really so sick and yeah, like I remember I watched this one movie that just recently came out it was like it's the ones where with like Batman and his son and his son becomes Robin and then Robin teams up with Teen Titans

Joe: Damian, yeah.

Katelyn: Yeah yeah yeah and so raven was in that one and I thought she was sick in that and I was like “Can I play the live action version of this?” I would love that.

Joe: You would make a great Raven.

Katelyn: Oh, thank you!

Joe: Well, Katelyn. I can't wait for The Walking Dead's one hundredth episode.

Katelyn: It’s going to be great.

Joe: And long live Enid right?

Katelyn: Long live Enid.

Joe: Hopefully, fingers crossed?

Katelyn: Totally, knock on everything, fingers crossed.

Joe: Well thank you so much for your time.

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