'Walking Dead' Issue #100 Covers, Comic-Con Survival Course & The Governor

Walking Dead - Governor

There's no better way to kick off Comic-Con 2012 news than to talk about The Walking Dead, a franchise that has exceled in both the comic book and television world. Celebrating its 100th issue this July (not to mention an extremely successful second season on TV), The Walking Dead will certainly be making its presence known in San Diego this year.

On top of releasing the 100th issue of The Walking Dead while at Comic-Con, Skybound has teamed up with the famed comic to release a limited Governor t-shirt for purchase at SDCC, and will turn Petco Park into a Walking Dead survival obstacle course. If you've ever wanted to find out how long you would(n't) last in a zombie attack, this is your chance.

Staying away from spoilers (for any television fans that might be reading), it's fair to say that Rick has certainly seen better days. In terms of comparing the television show to the comic book, the release of The Walking Dead's 100th issue will set the comic roughly 14 seasons ahead of the AMC series – a number that most shows never reach. After seeing what has happened to Rick in 2 seasons, just imagine what happens after 14 more.

Kicking off The Walking Dead season 3 in October, this upcoming season will mark a significant shift in tone for the television series. Putting the word "survival" to the test, Rick and company will find themselves up against someone much more dangerous than zombies: The Governor.

The Walking Dead - Governor

SDCC 2012 limited Governor Shirt

With 14 seasons separating the television series and comic book, Rick and Co. have faced many challenges along the way, and are much different than what fans of the TV show are used to. While the television series doesn't follow the comic book exactly, it's extremely close. Fans not caught up with the comics should definitely be wary of spoilers (below).

Making sure The Walking Dead #100 receives its due, a collection of cover variants from Todd McFarlane, Sean Phillips, Charlie Adlard, Frank Quietly and Marc Silverstri will be also be released. Because some of the covers reveal certain plot twists in The Walking Dead television show, fans of the series should stay away from checking out the covers.

However, if you're all caught up with the comic (or can't help but read spoilers), you can check out three of the covers on the next page.


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