The Walking Dead: Hostiles & Calamities Spoiler Discussion – What Happens to Eugene?


At the end of the midseason finale, The Walking Dead did the expected: it attempted to shake things up in the best way it knows how. That meant killing one or two characters (in this case two: Spencer and Olivia) and threatening to do more harm to others, while taking Eugene as a prisoner for having manufactured the bullet that nearly took Negan down. It was another moment where the survivors of Alexandria were brought low, yet, it was also the first time anyone had stood up to the bat-wielding menace, and Rosita still has the slash on her face to prove it.

That midseason finale put the second half of season 7 in gear, and so far The Walking Dead has delivered on the promise of Rick and the others preparing for war with the Saviors. While little has come of it yet, outside meeting a new group and being given a very video game-like fetch quest of finding some guns to entice the newcomers into becoming fodder for the pending skirmish, the displacement of the group's cowardly bullet-maker takes center state with 'Hostiles & Calamities'. The change of venue and the shift in focus away from the heroes to Negan and his crew will be an interesting shift after two weeks of narrative progression.

The biggest question, though, will be: What happens to Eugene? Although not the biggest or most popular of the survivors, Eugene serves a purpose, one that Negan is likely to put to use in his favor. If you'd like to discuss the events of 'Hostiles & Calamities' without spoiling things for those of haven't seen the episode, this is the place to do so. Remember, everyone participating in the comments is operating under the assumption that everyone has seen the episode.

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