The Walking Dead May Have Just Revealed Where Heath Went

Corey Hawkins as Heath in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead's big reveal surrounding Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) and the helicopter could finally explain the mysterious disappearance of Heath (Corey Hawkins), who has been mysteriously missing from the show since an early episode of season 7.

Corey Hawkins joined The Walking Dead in season 6 in the recurring role of Heath, an important character from the comics. In the TV series, Heath was a supply runner for Alexandria who assisted Rick's group in a few missions during season 6. After appearing in a single episode in season 7, Hawkins left The Walking Dead to become the star of FOX's 24: Legacy, the successor to the smash hit espionage thriller series, 24. However, 24: Legacy wasn't able to match the success of the original series and was canceled after a 12-episode first season, leaving Hawkins available for a potential return to The Walking Dead.

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During, Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead, Jadis was accused of murdering the Saviors, though the killers were eventually revealed to be Cyndie (Sydney Park) and Dianne (Kerry Cahill). At Rick's orders, Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) secretly followed Jadis to make sure she wasn't involved and caught her communicating with another community, who requested her to supply them with an "A". The exchange confirmed a fan theory about the significance of the letter "A" in the series, which was also on the helicopter that flew by in earlier episodes.

Jadis was secretly trading people. She admitted to Gabriel that she tried to trade both him and Rick on separate occasions, causing some fans to wonder if they weren't the first Walking Dead characters Jadis has attempted to dispose of. It's possible that Heath was captured by Jadis and traded to another community, which would explain where's he been all this time. The theory that Jadis has something to do with Heath's disappearance is supported by the fact that Heath's van was spotted at the Scavenger's base.

Heath seemingly survived a battle with zombies near Oceanside and hasn't appeared since, but fans haven't seen the last of him yet. It's been stated in the past that Heath will return to The Walking Dead at some point. This reveal could end up simultaneously setting the stage for Heath's return to the series and Rick's departure, since Andrew Lincoln is exiting The Walking Dead after just two more episodes. If "A" stands for "Alpha", Rick could be Jadis' next target.

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