The Walking Dead Reveals Gregory's Fate

[Spoilers for The Walking Dead comics ahead.]


As AMC's The Walking Dead keeps shuffling forward with Season 8, it looks like one of the series' villains is finally about to get his comeuppance. Gregory may have escaped Rick's assault on the Sanctuary unharmed, but a new clip teases dark times ahead for Xander Berkeley's sniveling loser.

While the show has focussed most of its attention of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan as the big bad, let's not forget that other villainous characters like Jadis, Simon, and Gregory are all set to cause trouble for our heroes in the "All Out War" chapter of the show.

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After betraying Rick and the rest of the series regulars, this clip shows Gregory's return to the relative safety of the Hilltop. He previously warned the residents that they must side with Negan or face exile, but it is now Gregory who finds himself on the wrong side of the fence. Lauren Cohen's Maggie is seen greeting Gregory with a stern stance and refuses to believe his excuses for driving Father Gabriel's car, in the clip above (via Den of Geek). Emphasising Maggie and Gregory's differing leadership styles, he reminds her that the Hilltop has always been his:

"I live here. This is my home. I built this place. You weren't here for that but some of us didn't just show up."

Gregory The Walking Dead

Being accused of putting the lives of everyone at the Hilltop in danger, Maggie goes on to blast Gregory as nothing but a puppet of Negan. In classic Gregory style, his ego gets in the way, which can only mean trouble for the struggling community leader. Whether or not Maggie's compassion forces her to let Gregory back into the Hilltop in "Monsters" remains to be seen - but as his lies start to unravel, how much longer will it be before Gregory ends up taking on of Walking Dead's signature dirt naps?

Those who follow Robert Kirman's comic book series of the same name will know that all doesn't end well for Gregory. In a case of karma coming back to haunt you, the comics see Gregory's schemes to out-maneuver Maggie come undone. After unsuccessfully trying to kill Maggie with poison, Issue #141 has the Hilltop community finally turn against its dictator. In a scene that is graphic even for Kirkman's bloodthirsty world, Gregory is lynched by his own people and memorably hung by the neck in front of a baying crowd.

With The Walking Dead using the comics as only a rough guide, who knows how showrunner Scott Gimple will decide to off Gregory, and whether it will even happen this season? However, with Berkeley's spineless coward already having left Gabriel for dead, and the clip showing Maggie as one step ahead, fans have to assume that the show is already tying the noose for Gregory's swansong - and not a moment too soon!

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The Walking Dead continues next Sunday, November 5, with 'Monsters' on AMC.

Source: Den of Geek

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