10 Things Every Walking Dead Fan Must Own

The Walking Dead is one of the biggest franchises in the world, with comic books, video games, and of course, a hugely successful TV series on AMC. This post-apocalyptic saga has one of the largest fan bases in the world, and with that, it has one of the largest markets for merchandise, too.

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That means if you know a fan of the franchise, their birthday or Christmas present is pretty much taken care of. There’s a ton of Walking Dead merchandise out there, so you can take your pick of just about anything. To narrow it down, here is The Walking Dead Gift Guide.

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10 The Walking Dead Compendium 15th Anniversary Box Set

SEE IT NOW: $134.61

Clear out a lot of shelf space for this enormous, comprehensive box set of every issue of The Walking Dead, split into three compendiums and compiled into a box set to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Robert Kirkman’s zombie horror saga. Any fan of The Walking Dead TV series has to read the comics, because some things have stayed the same and some are different.

So, it can be enjoyed as both a spot-the-difference and a brilliant comic book series in its own right. The story in the comics is way ahead of the TV series, so if you get impatient between seasons, take a peek at the future.

9 Daryl Crossbow Coffee Mug

SEE IT NOW: $19.99

Every morning, you make a cup of coffee and drink from a mug, so why not have a little fun with it? The handle of this mug is designed to look like the handle and stock of Daryl Dixon’s iconic crossbow, while the business end of the weapon appears on the opposite side of the cup. And of course, the man himself makes an appearance on the mug itself.

Daryl is everyone’s favorite character, so he is the prime candidate to put on a mug. Plus, the blood spatter on the design is in keeping with the show’s gory and violent tone.

8 The Walking Dead Vol. 30: New World Order

SEE IT NOW: $7.74 | READ IT NOW: $7.49

The “New World Order” storyline in the comics sees Rick and the group encounter a community called “the Commonwealth.” It’s become almost a joke now that the characters of The Walking Dead just keep finding new groups or new communities with fancy names – the Hilltop, the Wolves, the Saviors, the Whisperers, the Scavengers, the Alexandrians, the Termites, the Kingdom – and they simply conquer them and move on to the next one.

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But in “New World Order,” what makes the Commonwealth stand out is that it’s not just a little gated community or a group of people – it’s essentially a small city.

7 The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide

SEE IT NOW: $21.33

Food has always been an important part of The Walking Dead. It’s one of the most essential parts of survival. You have to answer three basic questions in a zombie apocalypse: what will you eat, where will you sleep, and how will you defend yourself? It’s one of the main things.

The show is full of food moments, like Carl eating a big tin of pudding or Hershel proposing spaghetti Tuesdays. The book has recipes for all the foods featured on the show, like Carol’s beloved cookies, as well as a bunch of information about how to hunt and forage for food in an actual survival situation. It’s a great coffee table book.

6 The Walking Dead: Season 8 on Blu-ray

SEE IT NOW: $26.99 | STREAM IT NOW: $32.99

The Walking Dead is currently airing its ninth season, so now is the perfect time to catch up on the eighth. As Rick and Negan’s battle continues, season 8 adapts the “All Out War” storyline from the comic books. All of the various communities get in on the fight, taking sides and double-crossing one another and getting into skirmishes.

The season has a few distinguishing milestones that make it an important one – the season premiere is the 100th episode of the show. This is also the last regular appearance of Morgan after he rejoined the series in season 5.

5 The Walking Dead Monopoly Board Game

SEE IT NOW: $34.36

Monopoly is the first word in board games. It’s aptly named, because it has a monopoly on the board game market. It’s fun for all the family, and now, it can be enjoyed by families of Walking Dead fans especially, because there’s a whole edition of the game based on the show.

The gameplay is the same – well, slightly different, as you’re acquiring locations to stay safe from walkers, not build your property empire – but the board is covered in locations, characters, plot elements, and zombies from the show. The game pieces are all based on iconic props from the show (mostly weapons) – there’s Rick’s hat, his revolver, Daryl’s crossbow, Michonne’s katana, Negan’s baseball bat “Lucille,” and a walker’s head.

4 Lucille Foam Replica Prop

SEE IT NOW: $38.99

While Negan was only introduced a couple of seasons ago, it’s hard to picture The Walking Dead without him now. He became instantly memorable in the season 7 premiere episode, in which he used his baseball bat “Lucille” to obliterate two fan-favorite characters.

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Any fan of Negan will need this replica of his bat. It’s three feet long, so it’s about the right size (a real baseball bat is about three and a half feet long, max). And since it’s made of foam, you can bash your friends over the head with it for fun. Line them all up on their knees and play a game of “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.” It’ll be great fun and no one’s eyes will pop out of their sockets.

3 Michonne 7” Collectible Action Figure

SEE IT NOW: $31.30

It was a great shame to The Walking Dead fan community when it was announced recently that Danai Gurira will be leaving the show soon. Her character, Michonne, is one of the most beloved in the show’s history, but she will be heading off in search of Rick Grimes, who has also left the show.

So, to commemorate her time on The Walking Dead, why not pick up this figurine? She’s in full attack mode, with her iconic katana poised to hold off any incoming walkers. You’ll never have to lament the loss of Michonne with this figurine on your mantle or bookcase.

2 Walking Dead: Seasons 1-3 Bundle

SEE IT NOW: $34.58

Relive the beginning of the story with the first three seasons of The Walking Dead on Blu-ray. With its slick, crisp high-definition image quality, the Blu-ray format is by far the best way to watch media content at home.

The first three seasons of the show are among its best, charting the beginning of the apocalypse, Rick’s awakening from his coma and his search for his family, the group’s refuge at Hershel’s farm, Sophia’s disappearance, Shane’s downslide into insanity, and the Governor’s rise to power. It’s brilliant television, from back when the cast was all still intact and not broken apart and mostly absent.

1 The Governor’s Room Building Set

SEE IT NOW: $17.95

Remember the Governor’s weird little room where he had an aquarium of severed heads and chained up his undead daughter and sat in a lovely chesterfield chair and drank whiskey? Well, now, you can immortalize that room with this building set from McFarlane Toys.

It’s essentially a 3D jigsaw puzzle that has 292 pieces, so you’ve got your work cut out for you. Putting the set together is a fun activity, and then you have the set itself to display. It also comes with a little figurine of Penny with a bag on her head. McFarlane Toys have also allowed a little room for customization.

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