Future Walking Dead Spinoffs Will Have More Connections to the Other Shows

More Walking Dead spinoffs are coming, and they'll be more connected to the other shows, according to Scott Gimple. Along with Fear the Walking Dead, AMC already has two zombie-slaying shows on the air. Both shows originate from the world created in graphic novel form by Robert Kirkman. Until recently, each show followed different groups of survivors and occupied a different time period within the apocalypse, before recently crossing over for the first time.

Fear the Walking Dead is currently on a brief hiatus midway through the fourth season, while The Walking Dead just recently concluded season 8. Though the ratings have continued to slide over recent years, the show still remains somewhat of a juggernaut. Audiences are already looking eagerly towards season 9 - especially following the release of the first trailer, the casting of the long-awaited Whisperers, and the news that it will be Andrew Lincoln's last.

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Gimple, AMC’s Chief Content Officer for the entire Walking Dead brand, however, has his eyes fixed even further afield. Speaking to Hall H during The Walking Dead’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con, he revealed that he was "working on something." And this something will apparently look to “the past, present, and future of the universe.”

This wouldn't be the first time Gimple has hinted at such plans. Back in March, he revealed that they had a "variety of different projects" in mind. Though none have yet to manifest as anything more than intentions, it will surely please fans, especially those who have lost their favorite characters. An expansion of the world, as well as more connectivity, is something audiences have been craving for a long while now. It could also be what is needed to breathe new life into the increasingly repetitive franchise. Whether or not these spinoffs will join the other shows on TV or be more digital output remains to be seen. If it is the latter, though, it could be something along the lines of the Telltale games that tell new stories, in new ways, but with familiar faces, thus deepening the mythology of both the show and the characters. Gimple is, after all, known for his thematic, meditative detours, and this could be a way to further achieve that without slowing down the action.

The latter could also explain the referenced increase in connectivity. Without the added pressure of scheduling constant crossovers or being constricted to the traditionally linear format of TV, they cover any period of a character's life. In June, Avi Youabian and Nick Bernardone, the director and the writer of the Walking Dead: Red Machete webisodes respectively, stated that there were already plans for more Walking Dead tales. They also elaborated that these tales would be set beyond both series, which could see the return of little-seen or dead characters. "In the future, you can probably expect to see a little bit more connectivity to the show universe, if not the expanded show’s universe."

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Fear The Walking Dead returns on August 12 and The Walking Dead premieres season 9 on October 7, both on AMC.

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