The Walking Dead: 15 Memes That Prove The Show Makes No Sense

Television shows are well known for making some mistakes. Some have some major plot destroying holes, while others have consistent unbearable little mistakes. The Walking Dead falls somewhere in between. The series makes smaller errors like when the Governor aimed with an eye covered with an eyepatch. That’s silly, but hardly unforgivable in terms of quality of writing and storytelling.

The show also makes some bigger mistakes that are harder to let go. For example, in season 1, Morgan’s dead wife still knew how to turn doorknobs and the little zombie girl still loved her teddy bear, kind of like how the zombies The Last Man On Earth knew to entreat their victims to “Come out” while simultaneously smashing his headlights. There seemed to be a point to these smart zombies, as Milton was obsessed with proving the walkers’ retention of what made them human in season 3, but nothing ever actually came of that storyline.

Naturally, fans have latched onto The Walking Dead’s mistakes and have memorialized them in meme form. From Lori’s awful mothering skills to the survivors’ inexplicable grooming (or lack thereof) to the villains’ perfectly convenient timing, here are 15 The Walking Dead Memes That Prove The Show Makes No Sense.

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15 We’re Going To War… Eventually

The first time Rick uttered these words it was to the group in the Atlanta prison. The Governor decided to poke at the protagonist of the show, which was one of the contributing factors that caused them to go to war. After three episodes of talking, fans got to see the anticlimactic "war" in which the people of Woodbury retreated due to seeing two people shoot at them.

A very similar situation presented itself later on in the series after the group arrived in Virginia and Rick prepared for war with Negan and the Saviors. Negan had already taken most of their supplies and all of their guns. It wouldn’t be until the next season that the war between the two rival groups would actually start.

14 Mustache Perfection

In season three, an inmate from the prison by the name of Axl became a non-essential part of The Walking Dead. Despite implications that he would become a major character thanks to his budding friendship with Carol, he did not really contribute to Rick’s group, nor did he aid in the fight against the Governor. What he did have was a perfectly waxed mustache, which is problematic for the realism of the show.

From his first appearance until his last, Axl had mustache perfection.

We never see Axl ask Glenn to do a run for wax, or anybody else for that matter. Even if he did ask Glenn for it, like Lori with the pills, it would have been taken when Glenn and Maggie were abducted by Merle. So how did his mustache stay so groomed?

13 Rick’s Epic Beard

Rick starts off as the clean-shaven sheriff’s deputy in the series, but it did not take long for him to start devolving. By season 5 of the series, Rick had a good start to a Duck Dynasty style beard, which led to the comparison to Harry of Harry and the Hendersons. The show does present the opportunity for him to shave in season 4 when Michonne brings him a razor and tells him his face is losing the war.

In season 8, Rick does sport a more groomed face, but what the show does not cover is how all of the ladies stay well kept. While watching the show you won’t spot a hairy leg or armpit. This is a little strange since Michonne had to find Rick a razor and he was only able to shave after they found the well-stocked Alexandria.

12  12. Glenn and Abraham

Before the Governor attacked the prison the second time, Glenn was still very ill from the flu-type epidemic that riddled the people of the prison. After waking up in the back of a truck with Tara, Glenn passed out and ended up being aided and recruited by Abraham. It really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for Glenn to pick a fight with a big army veteran who took out most of his old group with his bare hands.

Somehow The Walking Dead escalated the nonsense when there was not a clear victor. The only outcome that makes sense is that Abraham should win since he is an army vet and Glenn was a sickly ex-pizza delivery boy.

11  11. Lori’s Driving Skills

In an episode of season 2, Lori decides to go after Rick and somehow crashes possibly the newest car available to the group in rather dramatic fashion. She had no distractions until she spotted a walker on the road a little too late. The crash escalated very quickly as she managed to hit a tree and flip the vehicle… on a straight road. The other characters in the show can typically talk and avoid the road hazards without flipping their vehicles.

Flipping the vehicle is not the end of Lori’s bad decision making, she then chooses to believe the all too convenient lies of Shane to get her back Hershel’s farm. Rick and some of the Alexandrians were later able to successfully drive through a horde in which zombie parts impeded visibility, and the functionality of the engine, but somehow Lori can’t drive straight and avoid one zombie.

10 Andrea Shows Off Her Friend Shooting Skill Set

Andrea would have to fall into the same group of bad decision-making as Lori. In her arrogance, she tried to show off how well she could shoot by attempting to take out Daryl Dixon, against Rick’s commands, Shane’s advice, and Dale’s wisdom. In season 3, she shoots at her own group again when they rescue Glenn and Maggie from the tyrannical leader of Woodbury. Once again she misses all of her shots against the group.

The supposed sharpshooter of the group can’t seem to hit her target all that often, and oftentimes the target seems to be her own friends.

The only thing that makes sense of this situation is the fact that the group left her behind at the farm since it inadvertently removed a threat to the health and safety of the group.

9 Daryl Is Everyone’s Favorite

During seasons 1 and 2, Daryl spent most of his time on his own, only getting one episode mostly to himself, yet he is still rated as the number one character by TV Guide. He has become a fan-favorite character despite his little screen time. Digital Spy released an article that shows the screen time for characters in season 7A: Daryl appeared on screen for a total of 48 minutes, compared to Rick’s 112 minutes.

He is still rated as one of the top characters, but has suffered from declining screen time in the more current seasons. Since he evolved from his redneck roots to a fully fledged character, some fans are starting to find him stale. In an episode about his imprisonment at the sanctuary, the show used the opportunity to shed some light on Negan’s people more so than on Daryl.

8 Hair Cuts

Jessie is the only hair stylist in the zombie apocalypse, if you don’t count Shane or Carol’s impeccable hair styling prowess. Even Lori showed some skill cutting Carl’s hair in season 1, at least one thing Rick never did for the one-eyed young man. But it is true that the only person to have had a job in the field prior to the zombie-infested world is Jessie.

However, she seems to reserve these skills for Rick and not to care when it comes to her own children.

Poor little Sam not only had to learn to cope with zombies and nightmares of Carol, but he also had to deal with having the worst haircut in the Safe Zone. He, unfortunately, was attacked by zombies in the Safe Zone. It seems he could not be protected from zombies or mom’s bad haircuts.

7 Morales

After the group chooses to head for the Center for Disease Control in season 1, Morales decides it would be best to take his family out of the picture, under the impression they might be safer or with family. Morales didn’t resurface until season 8, in which he explains that his family had passed and he was rescued by the Saviors. Just a few moments later, he met his fate when he was taken out by Daryl.

However, there are a few people to still wonder about. Fans never got to see what happened to the Vatos at the end of season 1, unless you have seen the deleted scene in which they heavily foreshadow the Governor. When the storyline with the Wolves ended, there were some Wolves who escaped from Morgan, but the show never explained what happened to them.

6 Shiva

In actuality, there is no such thing as a domesticated tiger. Sure, there are some tigers that are trained and used in magic shows and circuses, but sooner or later it backfires and the tiger typically attacks, a fact Siegfried and Roy are all too familiar with. Yet The Walking Dead would have you believe that King Ezekiel has such a strong bond with Shiva that she is nothing more than a purring house cat to him.

When Ezekiel releases the non-metaphorical beast during the skirmish with Negan at Alexandria how does Shiva know which side she is on?  In reality, she wouldn’t. She would more than likely be aggressive toward anything that moves. She also wouldn’t do so well being walked around like a dog on a chain.

5 Grammar

Possibly the most iconic image from The Walking Dead is the “Don’t Dead Open Inside” doors that saved Rick’s life. The main protagonist himself had to stare at these doors a while to get the point, and even then, it's not clear that he did.

It was probably all the zombie hands appearing that made the point abundantly clear.

Some fan theories speculate that it was Shane who got the doors boarded and chained, but a flashback in the series just shows that Shane escaped. Even if he did leave the grammatically incorrect note for Rick in case he woke up, it still doesn’t add up. He seemed genuine with Rick and Lori when he told them he thought Rick had passed away. Why would he take the time to board anything up?

4 Shane And The Barn

It’s true, Shane was right about the barn full of zombies all along … though, not quite in the way this meme implies. After all, it did take a passing herd and a fire to cause the farm to be overrun by walkers.

In the end, it’s hard to argue with the meme’s sentiment.

Many of Shane’s arguments have proven to be right, or at least to have had a solid point.

There was no point in traveling to the CDC (other than for Rick to learn the truth of the virus, which he likely would have put together anyway) and Rick has become more brutal in his attempts to protect his family, as that gruesome season 4 throat bite and the hacking of Jessie’s arm in season 6 proved all too well.

3 Hershel’s Infinite Bullets

The group never actually needed to leave the farm or run into Negan.

Hershel had the best thing in the world for dealing with impending doom. A shotgun with infinite bullets is a great answer to such problems. While it doesn’t make sense that a shotgun with infinite bullets exists in their world, it makes even less sense that they wouldn’t continue to use it.

Hershel had planted his feet in an old man power pose and fended off several zombies with ease.

One fan in a forum counted he fired 20 times before a single reload.

Whether the shotgun could fire infinitely, or if it fires 20 times on two bullets, it would have been more than enough to take the hoard out. After all, the group somehow managed to wipe out a much larger hoard in Alexandria with just melee weapons, so a shotgun would definitely do the trick.

2 Lori’s Parenting

Where’s Carl? This seemed to be Lori’s catchphrase in the series. It doesn’t take much to spot examples of her lackluster parenting throughout her run in the overwhelmingly popular series. She very rarely watched her child, whether because she was sneaking off into the woods to cheat on her husband some more or otherwise distracted. She somehow managed to lose track of him when they were living in Hershel’s house.

According to Rick, the problem started even before the zombie apocalypse.

He said that she would say cruel things to him in front of Carl. She also didn’t want Carl to have a gun even though she never watched him. She managed to lose track of him long enough for Carl to sneak out, track down his dad, and end Shane a second time.

1 The Governor’s Timing

How convenient that the group would solve their flu problem and then the Governor would attack immediately after. This seems to have been planned by the producers of the show for a grand season finale to an otherwise uneventful season. The main issue of the series in season 4 had been the flu. The precedent had already been set that the Governor’s character would have capitalized on this, but he didn’t.

The two filler episodes, while mildly entertaining, were exactly that: filler. Those events did not take place in the comic books.

The Governor may only have one eye, but with his little bit of spying, he had to have noticed that the prison did not have a tank, which he later uses as a reason for the prison group to surrender.


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