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Going back to beginning seems like a good place to start, so does anyone remember Duane Jones from the very first episode of The Walking Dead? As the son of Morgan, Duane made a very brief appearance, played by actor Adrian Kali

Turner. It is easy to forget that Morgan wasn’t the only member of the Jones family we have met.

Although Turner only appeared in the premiere, Morgan revealed that Duane had been turned into a walker after a bite from his undead mother. The death of Duane had clearly affected Morgan, and when we saw him again in season 3’s “Clear”, he was an unhinged lunatic who Rick left to the fates.

Eventually coming to his senses, Morgan is back on form and had picked up his stick to become a badass ninja. Sure, Duane seems like he was vastly underused, but can you really imagine Morgan being the fan-favorite he is today with a child glued to his side? It seems that even Lennie James forgets his character had a kid. Just like Carol needed to lose Sophia, Morgan needed to ditch Duane.

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