The Walking Dead to Introduce First 'Fully Nude' Walker

The Walking Dead is set to feature its very first fully nude walker, one assumes to kick off some type of weird zombie sexual revolution. Over the course of its seven and a half seasons to date, The Walking Dead has shined a spotlight on walkers sporting many different types of looks. There's been walkers with missing limbs, walkers with busted open heads, walkers without mouths, and many other variations. TWD is a veritable walker smorgasbord.

Given its spot on basic cable, The Walking Dead is often allowed to push the limits of both violence and sexual content on ad-supported TV. Both walkers and humans regularly get offed in horrifically brutal ways, with heads getting smashed into pieces, people shot through their eyes with various weapons, and of course the true unfortunates who get eaten alive by hordes of the undead. There has also been a fair amount of nudity and sexual content over the years on TWD, albeit constrained by the limits of AMC.

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Of course, that nudity has always come from the human characters, that is until now. EW reports that The Walking Dead will soon feature its first "fully nude" walker, as confirmed by executive producer Greg Nicotero. The gender of said walker has yet to be revealed, but the phrase "fully nude" seems pretty clear. This walker will be totally, 100 percent naked. Why exactly Nicotero and company felt the need to put a naked walker into the TWD mix remains anyone's guess.

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Anyone looking forward(?) to seeing a walker strut its stuff in the buff is advised to remember that it's doubtful AMC standards and practices will allow too many clear views of such shenanigans. In other words, don't expect to see a walker in all its full-frontal glory. Although really, considering that it's a rotting corpse, would anyone really want to? Okay, yeah, somebody probably does. After all, the world can be a strange place.

There's no word yet on whether the naked walker will parade around with a smug sense of self-satisfaction at its freedom to wander the post-apocalyptic landscape while unencumbered by clothing. One does wonder what the reaction of Rick and the gang to seeing it will be, outside of simply "it's a walker, let's kill it."

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The Walking Dead season 8 returns February 25 on AMC.

Source: EW

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