Walking Dead Finale & Fear the Walking Dead Premiere to Hit Theaters

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Fans of AMC's hit shows The Walking Dead and its spin-off Fear the Walking Dead are in for a treat! The season finale of The Walking Dead along with the season premiere of Fear The Walking Dead are not only going to air on AMC, but will also be shown in select Regal, Cinemark and AMC theatres. For those of you who have always wanted to see the zombies of The Walking Dead universe on the big screen in all their undead glory, now is finally your chance.

While The Walking Dead I has been struggling in the ratings this year and Fear The Walking Dead has struggled since its introduction, this could be a move that will reignite the passion that the Walking Dead fan base has for both shows and their characters. Series creator Scott M. Gimple has said recently that the Walking Dead season 8 finale is simply 'too big' for viewers to handle, which is perhaps what motivated him to have it shown on a screen that can accomodate the entire scope of the finale. With the storyline leading up to an All Out War between Rick and the former inhabitants of Alexandria, The Hilltop and The Kingdom as they face off against Negan and his Saviors, fans of the show should be thrilled to see the final battle play out on the big screen.


Fathom Events has confirmed (via press release) that they are teaming up with the theater chains to bring the Walking Dead TV shows to big screens across the country. Airing in 750 theaters for only one night (April 15), Fathom Events will present "Survival Sunday - two great shows, one epic night." We'll see how both Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead's worlds collide when the character of Morgan Jones crosses over from one TV series to the next. While the television airing schedule will remain the same, with Walking Dead showing at its regular time, fans who attend the theater screening will be treated to an extra half hour of “exclusive bonus content” that will begin a half hour earlier, at 8:30 pm EST. An extra added bonus is that fans won't have to sit through the seemingly endless commercial breaks in the theater that those at home have to endure.

As for what to expect in the final episodes of season 8, Gimple told EW“It’s very big. Probably currently a little too big. It was pretty amazing the scope of some of the things that we got to do. And yet the emotional intensity was insane. And it very much sets up the start of the next story.” Comic book readers know that in the TV world of The Walking Dead, the comics are more of a guide than source material followed to the letter, which means it's anyone's guess what will finally happen with Rick and Negan face off in the season 8 finale. Die hard fans who have managed to stay loyal throughout the show's eight seasons thus far will probably be thrilled to have the option to view the finale, as well as the season 4 premiere of Fear, with other fans who are as deeply invested.

With the loss of Carl in the midseason premiere as well as the growing tension between Negan and Simon, fans are hopeful that they will finally see some cracks in Negan's powerful hold on the Saviors. A big screen battle between Rick and Negan for ultimate power instead of the cat and mouse game they've been playing over the last two seasons may be just what fans who have grown tired of the series need. While the loss of Chandler Rigg's Carl was a big one, The Walking Dead actor Seth Gilliam has promised that fans need to be prepared for 'more death' as the season winds down.


Tickets for Survival Sunday will be available from Fathom Events starting Friday, March 16.

Source: EW, Fathom Events

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