Walking Dead Actor Heading to Fear The Walking Dead For Crossover

Austin Amelio as Dwight in The Walking Dead

Austin Amelio's Dwight will be the next character from The Walking Dead to make the jump to its companion series, Fear the Walking Dead. Dwight was last seen in the season 8 finale of The Walking Dead.

A potential crossover between the two AMC shows has been a highly discussed topic for years, and one that finally became a reality when it was announced that a Walking Dead character would join the zombie spinoff in its fourth season. That character was eventually confirmed to be Morgan (Lennie James), who ended up becoming an integral part of the show in the absence of Madison (Kim Dickens) and Nick (Frank Dillane). The addition of Morgan to the main cast has helped transform the series by infusing it with a whole new direction. Lennie James even received first billing in the back half of season 4. Morgan apparently won't be the only character to make the transition from The Walking Dead to Fear, though.

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Comic Book reports that Austin Amelio will reprise his role of Dwight in season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead. According to Comic Book, the plan to bring Dwight to the series has been in the works for a while. It's unclear if Amelio will serve as a guest star, a recurring character, or a member of the main cast.

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If Fear the Walking Dead's handling of Morgan is any indication, Dwight could stick around for quite some time and may have an important role to play as the show continues to rebuild its cast in season 5. Season 4 featured the deaths of several key characters, with the last few episodes introducing a few new faces to join Morgan's group.

Of all the characters from The Walking Dead who could have joined the series, Dwight perhaps makes the most sense. The time jumps in season 9 amount to a gap of more than seven years between the two shows, so the addition of any season 9 character to Fear the Walking Dead would be problematic or even impossible. With this in mind, a second crossover character would need to be someone who wouldn't add to the timeline confusion, and Dwight could fit perfectly, especially since there's no reason for him to ever return to Alexandria. Following the war with the Saviors, Daryl told Dwight never to come back, and it appears that Dwight did indeed move on. It remains to be seen what will cause him to cross paths with Morgan and his group, or if his past association with the Saviors will be a problem when he meets Morgan in season 5.

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Source: Comic Book

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