Deleted Tweet Possibly Reveals Walking Dead Crossover Spoiler

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It was already looking like a pretty obvious solution, but has that huge The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead crossover character just been spoiled ahead of the big reveal?

For months now, fans of Robert Kirkman's zombie apocalypse have been waiting to find out who will be jumping ship over to their rival show on AMC. After promises that the two worlds would never share the same screen time, New York Comic Con fans were shocked to learn that the network was working on a Walking Dead crossover special. With big questions about whether someone would be jumping forward in time to TWD or appearing in the past for Fear, the mystery may have just been solved.

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In a now deleted tweet, Skybound's The Walking Dead Twitter spoiled the following:

"TOMORROW you will discover on @AMCTalkingDead who from #TheWalkingDead will join #FearTWD Season 4! Who do you think it is??"

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While Skybound isn't officially related to the AMC accounts, it does confirm the suspicions that a character from the main show will appear in prequel series Fear The Walking Dead. Also, with the tweet since vanishing, it looks like Skybound's sources may have been on the money. Fans didn't have long to wait anyway, with Sunday November 26's The Talking Dead promising a big announcement.

Now, with it seemingly written in stone that a character from The Walking Dead will be heading to Fear, it also looks increasingly likely that Michael Cudlitz's Sergeant Abraham Ford will be the crossover character. Meeting his grisly demise in the season 7 premiere, Cudlitz's no-nonsense Ford became a fan-favorite addition to the show in his three-season stint.

As Fear The Walking Dead heads to Texas following the events of the season 3 finale, it neatly places the show where Abraham would be around the time of the outbreak. Ford's past on TWD was far more mysterious than his comic book counterpart, and lauded as one of the show's best additions, it would make sense for Fear's new showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg to make use of a big name like Cudlitz for the crossover.

Adding further fuel to the fire, TWD alumni like Greg Nicotero have said that they love the idea of an Abraham prequel arc, while even Cudlitz himself has struggled to stay quiet on the possibility. Finally, current The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple has also joined Fear's next run as executive producer. Given that he helped craft Ford for TV, he certainly knows Big Red better than most. Whatever happens and whoever is swapping their little bubble for a different bite at the end of the world, all will become clear when The Talking Dead reveals all on November 26.

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