Walking Dead & Fear The Walking Dead SDCC Trailers Land 25 Million Views

Fear the Walking Dead season 2 details

Getting a spot for a big panel, like AMC's (where they host their TV slate, including The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead), in Hall H is a Comic-Con rite of passage. It takes dedication and sacrifice to forgo many other activities in San Diego to secure that coveted seat. Sometimes, that effort is rewarded with exclusives in the form of footage, news, or even swag (like hats from Marvel or wands from WB).

At Comic-Con, fans could place themselves within Negan's grasp at a photo op that laid out the scene that is seared into fans memories from the season 6 finale. The network also pushed recent updates to its "Dead Yourself" mobile app, offering new animations and fun effects that allow users to zombify themselves. The Walking Dead continues to dominate the airwaves, topping ratings for the fourth year as the #1 show over all of TV for the 18-49 demographic. We've analyzed The Walking Dead trailer, so feel free to jump into the discussion about who gets the wrong end of Negan's baseball bat. Fear The Walking Dead's trailer shows a much heavier zombie presence for the fractured group as they make their way deeper into Mexico.

After first releasing trailers at Comic-Con for both The Walking Dead season 7 and the second half of Fear The Walking Dead season 2, the network has reported they've received over 25 million views in just four short days. AMC's The Walking Dead is as big a cash cow as AMC has ever seen. With its existing comic following, the series can count on boosts from gamers with Telltale's Walking Dead series (season 3 is out soon), mobile users, and pretty much anyone who watches TV on Sunday nights.

The Walking Dead Comic-Con art header

AMC President, Charlie Collier, understands the importance of fan engagement, stating:

“Live, fan-driven events like Comic-Con with unique panels, customized trailers and other content we love sharing have become an important part of our effort to keep viewers energized and engaged with AMC originals all year long. Thousands of fans in Hall H were the first to see these trailers for the upcoming seasons of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, but to rack up a record 25 million views in just a few days? It really does meet our goal of turning the world into Hall H.”

As far as 2016 is concerned, fans would be hard-pressed to find a more talked about cliffhanger than The Walking Dead's season 6 finale. It's no surprise that trailer has garnered more than double its counterpart (nearly 18 million views to FTWD's 7 million views), and it's more than likely due to one character in particular: Negan. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has teased that all will be revealed in the first episode, leaving fans a few months to make their peace with their favorite characters while they still can.

Fear the Walking Dead returns with the second half of its second season on Sunday, August 21 at 9ET, and the seventh season of The Walking Dead will premiere Sunday, October 23 at 9ET.

Source: AMC

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