The Walking Dead Filmed 11 Possible Character Death Scenes

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As all but the most pop culturally disconnected are no doubt aware, the cliffhanger that ended season 6 of AMC smash hit drama The Walking Dead did not exactly go over well with fans. Entitled "The Last Day on Earth," The Walking Dead's season finale ended with 11 possible members of Rick's group poised to face the business end of Negan's signature weapon Lucille. For a refresher, the characters in question were Rick himself, his son Carl, his recent flame Michonne, Glenn and his pregnant wife Maggie, fan-favorite crossbow enthusiast Darryl, Abraham and his longtime traveling companions Eugene and Rosita, the formerly suicidal Sasha, and Alexandria's "talent scout" Aaron.

Needless to say, fans have spent many hours since trying to use context clues to predict who ended up Negan's victim. In the age of spoilers leaking online through various means, it makes sense that AMC would go out of its way to try and prevent the resolution of such a huge cliffhanger from getting leaked to the public prior to October's season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead.

To that end, a new report by THR reveals that the series filmed possible death scenes with every single one of the above listed characters, effectively ensuring that no one outside of the episode's director, the producers and the editor will be able to leak the identity of Negan's victim with any real confidence that they were actually correct.

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Some fans have of course assumed that Glenn will be the hero who meets his maker at Negan's hands, as that's exactly what happened in the 100th issue of The Walking Dead comic book series. With most adaptations of popular books, that might be a fair assumption, but The Walking Dead creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman has made it clear many times that he loves nothing more than to surprise readers by having events play out in a completely different way on-screen. Plus, with the backlash directed at Glenn's faux death in the first half of season 6, it'll probably be awhile before The Walking Dead's writers go back down that path.

The most mean-spirited and shocking options for Negan's victim are of course Carl and Maggie, due to the former still technically being a child and the latter having recently conceived one. While a few kids have previously been killed on The Walking Dead, most have lost their lives off-screen, with viewers being spared the graphic details (at least until zombification has already occurred). Seeing a minor get his head bashed in with Lucille would be a new level of harsh for The Walking Dead, as would seeing an expectant mother suffer the same fate.

Whoever ends up dying via Lucille this fall, one thing's for certain: it'll probably make a bunch of people really angry. Thankfully for them, the producers and writers of The Walking Dead don't seem to want things any other way.

The Walking Dead season 7 premieres this October on AMC.

Source: THR (via Comic Book Resources)

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