Finally we hit a long stretch of open territory, where zombies peppered the course every few yards. The large number of zombies – combined with a lack of places to hide or avoid them – had survivors dropping left and right. Not my group, though. We managed to make it through stage three unscathed – or so we thought.

It was during the second part of a two-stage obstacle (where we had to crawl through tunnels while zombies lunged at us) that we lost the mighty Iron Fist. There was no time to mourn our fallen comrade, though, as there were still zombies to avoid – and the hardest part of the course lay ahead of us: yup, more stairs.


walking dead escape 5 Screen Rant vs The Walking Dead Escape: A Comic Con Experience

Paul Young - Running on Empty.

By this point, fatigue had set in and my out-of-shape blogger body was struggling to maintain the pace Aaron and Juliet were setting. I had given in to simply walking past the zombies while performing a lackluster, but effective, “spin move” to avoid their deadly infections.

However, as we rounded the corner we were greeted by hundreds of spectators and I dug deep to find my second wind, determined to give the people a show. While most survivors were content to avoid the zombies using partitions strategically placed on the course, I decided it was time to face those Walkers head on.

With pep in my step and a war cry in my throat, I made a beeline for a female zombie. Just as she reached for me, I gave her the ol’ hand-to-the-face stiff arm, striking – what  Anthony described as – ‘a zombie Heisman pose.’ The crowd cheered enthusiastically and I confronted every zombie in that area with the same vigor – tossing trash cans and barrels to the side in an attempt to cut off the zombie’s paths.

walking dead escape 7 Screen Rant vs The Walking Dead Escape: A Comic Con Experience

Another two-stage obstacle lay before us, claiming the life of Juliet; but Aaron and I breezed through with no problem. Our group had dwindled to two, and I had my doubts about whether I could make it across the rope bridge while still avoiding the flesh-craving zombies. After a Mexican standoff with a zombie that lasted about a minute, I thought all hope was lost. Fortunately bait a 13-year-old survivor boy drew his attention away long enough for me to slip by and join Aaron on the other side.


walking dead escape 1 Screen Rant vs The Walking Dead Escape: A Comic Con Experience

There was just a little bit left to go and we would be home free, but first we had to avoid one last zombie confrontation. There were two of us and four zombies, so Aaron and I took the divide and conquer approach. He went one way. I went the other. It was working fine until Aaron got trapped in a corner. Poor Aaron. He was such a good partner, but during the zombie apocalypse, it’s every man for himself.

There was no obstacle to conquer in this stage, but rather we were sent through a decontamination tent where FEMA agents in hazmat suits inspected us for any signs of infection using black lights. If you were infected, then they gave you a “cure” in the form of a temporary tattoo to wear. I received no such tattoo because – unlike Anthony Ocasio’s trip to Tijuana during Spring Break 2005 – I made it through with no infection!


Overall, The Walking Dead Escape was a unique experience that, while a tad expensive ($75 to be a Survivor/$90 to be a Zombie/ $15 to be a Spectator), is a lot of fun and I’d recommend you check it out if you go to Comic-Con 2013. Hopefully next year we can get more of the Screen Rant crew to do this as a group – like a team-building exercise, except, you know, some team members get eaten.

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