Who Died In The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale?

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Warning: SPOILERS ahead for The Walking Dead (obviously)


The Walking Dead is set in a post-apocalyptic future where zombies roam America, and the living seem determined to kill one another, so each new episode tends to rack up at least one or two deaths. Season 8 is particularly fraught with danger, as Rick Grimes and co. are caught up in "All Out War" against Negan and the Saviors. With a revolving door of cast members, as old survivors are killed off and new ones join the crew, it can be hard to keep track of who's dead and who's still alive - but fortunately, we're here to help you keep track.

Here's everyone who has died in the second half of The Walking Dead season 8 (so far). We'll be updating this post each week!

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Season 8 Finale: Wrath

The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale Wrath Negan Fate

The way that "Wrath" was set up in "Worth," it seemed inevitable that fans were in for a bloodbath. After all, Rick and co. were walking right into a trap cleverly laid by Negan, and Eugene was focused on making a massive stockpile of bullets with which the Saviors could lay waste to the Hilltop survivors. But despite the potential for a massacre, no major characters were killed off in The Walking Dead's season 8 finale.

Even in the episode itself, there were several points where it seemed like we were about to say goodbye to someone - in particular when Gabriel ran away to try and warn his friends, but caught by the Saviors. Negan looked like he was about to tee up and take a swing with Lucille, but instead Gabriel was given a stay of execution... until the Saviors had Rick and the gang surrounded, and Negan decided to kick things off by shooting Gabriel in the back of the head.

At least, that was the plan. Unfortunately for Negan, it turns out that Eugene's loyalties hadn't actually changed. The bullet-maker had sabotaged all of the bullets in the Saviors' guns, causing them to backfire and injure the people holding them - Negan included. In the ensuing fight some Saviors were killed by the Hilltop group, but many of them were spared as Rick decided to let mercy prevail over his wrath. Negan himself got his throat cut by Rick, who then ordered Siddiq to save his life (despite Maggie's protests), so that the former leader could serve as an example of justice and punishment in Rick's new world.

All told, the season finale had a surprisingly low body count overall. But with Maggie, Jesus and Daryl already planning a revolt, and a herd of walkers on the way, don't expect things to stay peaceful for long in season 9.

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