The Walking Dead Clip: Daryl Gets a Choice

The Walking Dead took a step back from the shocking brutality of the season seven premiere, focusing more on world-building in the second episode, “The Well.” TV viewers were introduced to King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and his Kingdom as the second episode mostly followed Carol (Melissa McBride) as she interacted with the charismatic monarch. Episode three, “The Cell,” promises to circle back to the Saviors and their dealings with Daryl (Norman Reedus).

After giving viewers the first taste of The Kingdom in episode two, episode three will introduce the Saviors’ headquarters - known as The Sanctuary. In a new preview for the episode, which premieres on Sunday night, Daryl gets a first-hand look at how The Saviors protect themselves from walkers - as well as keep people in their custody from dissenting within their ranks.

In a new clip released via We Got This Covered, Daryl gets a first-hand look at the cell that the episode is ostensibly named for as Dwight (Austin Amelio) looks on, armed with Daryl’s crossbow. In the cell is a large group of shackled walkers, with a few humans trapped inside and fending them off. Daryl is ominously dressed the same as the living prisoners as Dwight shoves him into the chain-link fence, forces him to stare at the walkers, and presents him with a choice: “You can be like them, or me. … Or them.”

Daryl Dixon and his crossbow on The Walking Dead

The full preview for the episode on shows more of Daryl’s time as a prisoner in the Saviors’ compound, including an impressed Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) presumably telling him “You don’t scare easy. … I love that.” Dwight is also sent away from The Sanctuary for another, unrelated mission. “The Cell” is expected to mostly feature the story from Issue No. 104 of the original comics, which introduce many of the other inner-workings of The Saviors and how Negan ruthlessly rules over The Sanctuary.

Daryl appears both terrified and patient as he curls up in his own prison cell within The Sanctuary. His resilience will certainly help him survive the grasp of Negan and the Saviors’ ever-so-close interactions with imprisoned walkers. The choice presented to him by Dwight is, of course, an easy one, but making it a reality will be the truly difficult part.

The Walking Dead spent more time on setting and character development in episode two, which was a refreshing, if unexpected, breather from the bleak tone of the disturbing and polarizing season premiere. The Kingdom figures to change the series almost as much as The Sanctuary will. Daryl may not wish to end up being fed to the walkers trapped in the Saviors’ cell, but the way he attempts to escape their grasp is where the episode will carry most of its intrigue.

The Walking Dead continues with "The Cell" Sunday night @9pm on AMC.

Source: We Got This Covered

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