The Walking Dead brought the undead craze to television in 2010. The story of a post-apocalyptic world where the living have to fight the dead in order to survive hasn’t been without its share of controversy. There was the bat swing heard round the world, an infamous moment where a child looked at the flowers, and a series of episodes that killed off main characters of color that had audiences fuming. All of that happened on screen, but there are just as many events going on behind the scenes that have made plenty of fans raise an eyebrow or two.

If you’ve ever been curious about just what happens on the other side of the camera, we’ve got plenty to share with you in The Walking Dead: 15 Dark Behind The Scenes Secrets, from just how the show was affected by Frank Darabont’s departure to offscreen controversies that have happened during the filming of the show.

15. Jeffrey DeMunn Allegedly Asked To Leave The Show

Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale in The Walking Dead The Walking Dead: 15 Dark Behind The Scenes Secrets

When the first six episodes of The Walking Dead were produced and the show was heading into its second season, it was Frank Darabont calling the shots. The veteran writer/director/producer had the chance to work with quite a few actors he knew from previous projects, including Jeffrey DeMunn, who played Dale.

When AMC announced that Frank Darabont was leaving the show, it seemed that everyone involved with the series was caught by surprise. According to several gossip sites, and an interview with a young Chandler Riggs, DeMunn even asked to be written out of the show when he learned of Darabont’s ousting, and the powers that be complied by writing a death scene for Dale.

Rumor has it that DeMunn reconsidered after the initial shock wore off, but by then, it was too late, as the writers had already worked the storyline in, and Dale was no more.

14. Frank Darabont Accused AMC Of Keeping Profits From Him

Frank Darabont on the set of The Walking Dead The Walking Dead: 15 Dark Behind The Scenes Secrets

Beginning in December of 2013, Frank Darabont decided to take action against AMC. The former show runner sued the network, alleging that the executives who fired him did so to make sure he couldn’t receive a percentage of the profits.

In the initial deal with AMC, a different studio was supposed to produce the series, which would have allowed profits to be split between the two companies, with Darabont getting a percentage of the profits after the fact. Instead, AMC opted to produce and distribute the series themselves, meaning the profits go back to them two-fold. Darabont wasn’t given an exact estimate on what his percentage of profits would be, because the network wanted to see how the show performed first. He was fired before an official amount was ever agreed upon, and since, he argues that millions of dollars should have gone to him.

The Hollywood Reporter has the full copy of Darabont’s complaint.