Walking Dead Producer Posts Walker 'Creepshow' Tribute Image

Walkers from The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead producer/director/makeup effects guru Greg Nicotero loves using his zombie designs as a means of paying tribute to classic horror movies. In seasons past, Nicotero has paid homage to everything from Evil Dead 2 (a movie he himself worked on) to Dawn of the Dead to Mario Bava's Black Sabbath. Fans now know they should look out for these little Easter eggs any time walkers appear - an event that is becoming less-and-less frequent, as the show focuses more on human characters.

Fans looking for clues about upcoming tributes immediately head to Nicotero's Instagram, which has become a goldmine for folks who love getting a behind-the-scenes look at the show's elaborate and impressive walker effects. Ahead of this week's Walking Dead episode, the director has revealed exactly what movie he is shouting out next.

Leaving no mystery about the matter at all, Greg Nicotero posted "Maybe a 'Creepshow' tribute in this upcoming episode of "The Walking Dead." The image depicts a walker standing behind the glass of a movie theater ticket booth, an homage to the classic Creepshow poster of the rotting dead guy with the squirrel in his pocket selling tickets. More exciting for fans might be the rest of Nicotero's caption: "My 19th episode as director. See you Sunday! All Rick, All Michonne, All Walkers!"

Maybe a "Creepshow" tribute in this upcoming episode of "The Walking Dead". My 19th episode as director. See you Sunday! All Rick, All Michonne, All Walkers! @amcthewalkingdead Off to London for @foxintchannels and @walkerstalkercon #creepshow #twd #knbefxgroup

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This week's episode, "Say Yes", is the fourth directed by Nicotero this season. Nicotero was responsible for the season's controversial first episode, which showed us in incredibly graphic detail exactly what Negan did to Glenn and Abraham. Nicotero's last episode was "Rock In the Road", which featured that insane mass walker kill using two cars and a taut wire.

This week's episode title, "Say Yes", naturally leads to speculation that Rick is going to ask Michonne to marry him (or considering the nature of their relationship, maybe it's Michonne asking Rick). "Rock In the Road" was seemingly a set-up for this Rick-and-Michonne-heavy episode, and there have been further teasers that something big might be on the horizon for the couple. Andrew Lincoln (Rick) has spoken in the past about the moral quandary inherent in the idea of a couple deciding to have children after the zombie apocalypse, which certainly seems like a hint that things are developing between his character and Danai Gurira's Michonne.

Character development is great, but maybe what The Walking Dead needs more than anything right now is some good old-fashioned walker-related mayhem. It sounds like "Say Yes" is poised to deliver a big dose of the action that made the show so popular with fans in the first place. Don't forget to watch out for Greg Nicotero's Creepshow tribute along the way.

The Walking Dead continues with "Say Yes" this Sunday, March 5th on AMC.

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