The Walking Dead Creator Toys With Fans Regarding Madison/Alpha Theory


It is one of the most popular theories from Fear The Walking Dead, and now Robert Kirkman teases fans that Madison Clark could be the villainous Alpha from the comics.

For those still sticking with AMC's zombie apocalypse, season 8 of The Walking Dead is currently focusing on the battle between Negan's Saviors and the rest of the communities. However, when all out war is over, we are fully expecting the arrival of the Whisperers and their dictatorial leader Alpha. Over on Fear the Walking Dead, Kim Dickens' Madison serves as the de facto Rick Grimes of her world, but could she be the next big character to unite Kirkman's two worlds and provide another huge twist for both shows?

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Speaking at Walker Stalker Cruise 2018 [via Comic Book], Kirkman answered whether Dickens would ever get to meet Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan, giving fans the following response after awkwardly looking around the room:

"Were they to encounter each other. Negan would probably kill her. Or maybe she'd kill Negan, I don't know, there's options. They'll probably never meet. And she's not Alpha, but maybe I'm lying, I've done that before. I love those theories, though."

Kirkman was never going to reveal a bombshell as big as a reveal that Madison is Alpha, but it is certainly an interesting prospect to throw around. For those who don't know, Negan and Alpha have quite the complicated relationship in the comics, with the latter meeting her maker when he slits her throat and decapitates her. Currently on season 8, Negan serves as the series' big bad, but if Kirkman and co. continue to follow the comics, we should see Negan become something of an awkward ally of Rick and his group.


While the big twist may have been spoiled ahead of time, it also makes perfect sense that Madison becomes Alpha. The other option at the moment seems to be that the bowl-haired Jadis could turn into the leader of the Whisperers, which is a move almost universally slammed by fans. The season 3 finale of Fear the Walking Dead saw Madison continue to embrace her violent streak as she clubbed the sadistic Travis to death with a hammer, so given a neat little jump to the future, who knows what sort of unhinged maniac she could become. Looking at the arc of Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes, he has gone from law-abiding sheriff to sometimes violent leader, while Alpha from the comics is a loving mother who got lost along the way, which sounds more than plausible for Madison.


Quite how the reveal could come into play is still a mystery, but the recent crossover with Lennie James' Morgan and Fear the Walking Dead could give us some indication. We are so far assuming that Fear will stick to its current timeline, but who isn't to say there won't be a time jump that could neatly bring the two shows up to date with each other and open up a whole world of crossover possibilities. The departure of Morgan from the main show is sure to be a huge loss for TWD fans, however, if he isn't sent packing to an early grave, there is every chance he could return with Madison in tow. Either way, there are whispers of the Whisperers coming, and if they are, we sure need someone to lead them. Start the rumor mill turning!

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Source: Comic Book

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