Walking Dead Creator Hopes Show Lasts 10 Seasons ‘And Beyond’

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While the ratings have experienced a drop in its 7th season, The Walking Dead continues to be a juggernaut for network AMC in terms of raw popularity. And while it has already been renewed for an 8th season to debut later in 2017, there are some fans who wonder how much fuel The Walking Dead has left in the tank. While comic creator Robert Kirkman has theorized that, should the series continue on, it will adapt issue 200 of the comic by season 12, there’s just no guarantees in a fickle environment like television.

Even if The Walking Dead continues to experience even slight drops in viewers, it’s hard to imagine that AMC will find the logic in canceling the show anytime in the near future. Now, Kirkman has further elaborated on his hopes for the series, and it’s certainly good news for the millions of fans who are anticipating a long-term investment.

Kirkman was asked in the Letter Hacks section for issue #162 of The Walking Dead comic (via Comic Book) about the future of the show. Naturally, he couldn’t say exactly how long the series will survive with any degree of certainty, though he sounded positive about the show's chances.

"No telling how long the show will last. Very hopeful we will last to Season 10 and beyond."

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GivennThe Walking Dead series has only adapted up to around issue #111 of the comic, there’s still plenty of material to draw from that could keep it sustained well past season 10. There's also plenty more to come, as Kirkman has no immediate intention of ending the comic. This includes the upcoming war with Negan, a time jump that sees the different communities come together and reform a semblance of societal structure, and of course the long-awaited Whisperer war.

With the midseason finale of The Walking Dead, “Hearts Still Beating,” finally setting Rick and company on the warpath with Negan – as well as costar Andrew Lincoln’s promise that the back half of season 7 will contain more “levity” – the show seems poised to draw back some of the fanbase that has deteriorated over the vicious reign of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s divisive influence. Assuming that is the case, or if the series can at the very least maintain a steady viewership as it closes out season 7, then Kirkman’s hope for 10 seasons “and beyond” seem much more likely.

The Walking Dead season 7 returns Sunday, February 12 at 9pm on AMC.

Source: Comic Book

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