The Walking Dead Sneak Peek: Rick & Michonne Hunt For Guns


In last week's episode of The Walking Dead, Rick and pals stumbled across the Junkyard community and managed to convince their leader Jadis to join them in the upcoming fight against Negan and his Saviors. A condition of the deal was that the Alexandria bunch had to deliver a small arsenal of guns to their Junkyard counterparts before too long, or the arrangement would be cancelled.

The show's most recent episode - 'Hostiles and Calamities' - shifted its focus back to Negan after several episodes with the villain away from the spotlight, and also highlighted Eugene's current situation after being kidnapped by the Saviors during the season 7 winter finale. Eugene's - or 'Haircut', to give him his new name - ability to make bullets from scratch makes him a priceless commodity in a zombie apocalypse, and The Walking Dead's latest episode showed the science geek invited into Negan's inner circle.

In a short promo clip for the next offering in season 7, titled 'Say Yes', it appears that the show will return its focus to the Alexandrians and in particular Rick and Michonne, who are on the hunt for the guns they need to barter with the Junkyard group. The scene teases a large battle that had taken place at the duo's scavenging location long ago, although it remains to be seen which groups were involved.

Rick and Michonne's scavenging trip is bound to throw up some contenders for 'Zombie Kill of the Week' and it'll be interesting to see the duo work together given their relatively recent status as the show's new power couple. However, the mystery as to the battlefield the two come across will likely be the focus of the episode, and although it could just be the result of another exercise in power by the Saviors, the clip could be teasing the re-introduction of another community.


During a previous excursion, Tara came across the Oceanside community and she barely escaped with her life after the group refused to let her leave. She did, however, form a friendship with one member of the community and in return for helping her escape, Tara promised not to reveal the whereabouts of Oceanside to her own people. It's very unlikely this situation will continue for much longer and when the cat is finally let out of the bag, Rick will surely have his gun problem solved before too long.

With that said, Alexandria arguably need additional fighters more than anything else in the upcoming battle and so there is a distinct possibility that Rick will refrain from raiding Oceanside's armory and instead attempt to enlist their co-operation. The group proved themselves highly capable in the first half of season seven and although they prefer to keep to themselves, Rick certainly has a way of convincing people to join his cause, particularly with the threat of Negan looming heavily over both communities.


The Walking Dead continues March 5th with 'Say Yes' on AMC.

Source: AMC

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