The Walking Dead Season 6: First Look at Negan and Lucille

The sixth season of AMC's post-zombie apocalypse thriller The Walking Dead is coming to a close next Sunday and everything is about to come unglued for the survivors. Their fatal assault on The Saviors is leading to a retribution the likes of which they never could have imagined. We have had a lot of speculation about how the appearance of comic book character Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) would be handled by The Walking Dead's TV storyline. Now a new video teasing the season finale gives us the first brief peak at Negan, his voice and his barbed wire wrapped bat, Lucille.

The teaser for the 90 minute finale offers a tease for Negan that suggests his appearance will be pretty faithful to the comics. The true first look that the internet got was in a 30 second Dutch promo that was quickly taken down, but the character has been teased heavily throughout the second half of the season, with Rick and co. racing to track down and kill the leader of the Survivors as part of a deal that they struck with the nearby Hilltop Colony. In the end, they may decide that the price of the deal is not worth the supplies they got in return.

Fans need wait only one more week to finally get the big payoff for season 6: the first appearance of Negan. The comic book fan favorite villain is not only a brutal and foul-mouthed psychopath, he's also a complicated individual. Despite his brutality, he still operates by his own moral code of fairness and rules, which helps bring him a lot of depth and has kept him one of the most anticipated debuts on The Walking Dead TV series thus far.

The Walking Dead - Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Losers) is certainly no stranger to playing a creep on-screen. His masterfully vile performance as The Comedian in the 2009 comic book adaptation film Watchmen was more than enough to prove his chops. While many fans are excited to see what he brings to the role of Negan, there's also a considerable amount of trepidation as the character's arrival could signal doom for one or more of the show's major characters.

Will Negan (and Lucille) throw a little chaos and blood into The Walking Dead's season 6 finale? Will all of the series' main characters make it into season 7 alive? Fortunately fans won't have to wait much longer to find out.

The Walking Dead season 6 finale ‘Last Day on Earth’ airs this Sunday, April 3rd.

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