Walking Dead's Charter Explained: What It Is & Where It Came From

Kingdom’s Ezekiel and The Walking Dead Charter

Early on in The Walking Dead season 9, a charter was discussed amongst the various communities, and King Ezekiel is looking to finally having that charter signed at the fair later this year. Over time, The Walking Dead's cast and characters have expanded to include several stories spanning across dozens of people from multiple communities. It's no longer about the small group of survivors from season 1 who discovered a remote farm and then later a prison; it's about several communities working together to beat the zombie apocalypse.

After the war with the Saviors ended in The Walking Dead season 8 finale, the story jumped forward a year-and-a-half at the start of The Walking Dead season 9. In the time since the "All Out War" concluded, Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom attempted to bridge their communities with Oceanside and the Sanctuary. It wasn't easy, of course, but they - particularly Rick and Michonne - wanted to figure out a way to move forward. Part of it was so they could rebuild what was lost, and another part was so Rick could keep his promise to Carl.

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While Rick attempted to include the Sanctuary in their partnerships, Michonne decided to take things a step further and draft a charter. She spent some time coming up with the ways all the communities would help each other survive and how they would punish those who broke their laws. Of course, nothing ever came of the charter, because Rick "died" early on. But sometime during The Walking Dead's six-year time-jump, Tara gave the charter to Ezekiel, and now he wants to finish what Michonne started.

What's On The Walking Dead's Season 9 Charter?

The Walking Dead Charter

Audiences never great a full look at The Walking Dead charter - a document that outlines everyone's rights in the communities and how the communities coexist - but the preamble is shown, and it's a decent summary of what season 9's charter is meant to represent. Officially titled the Multi-Community Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the charter states:

"Any person who would live in peace and fairness, who would find common ground, this world is yours by right. We stand together for life not death, in this new world. Together, we make this world bigger. The future is ours as we hold onto our faith in one another with everything ... concentrate our band, we establish this Multi-Community Charter of Rights and Freedoms."

After the preamble, there are eight articles that define what people's rights are. Unfortunately, the charter itself is never fully revealed, so the best audiences can do is presume what's on there: basic rights, community rights, penalties, and so forth. At the end of it, though, it's made clear that the charter was created to make the communities "stronger", as they all stand a better chance at living if they operate in unison.

Overall, Michonne hoped that The Walking Dead charter would establish a system that would benefit future generations. That's what The Walking Dead's upcoming fair is supposed to be about. What's interesting, though, Michonne added Oceanside and Sanctuary onto the charter, thus meaning she envisioned both communities working alongside (not beneath) Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom. But that was many years ago. No one knows what's happened to Oceanside and the Sanctuary is gone. Perhaps the charter will be amended, but for now, it's the Kingdom's only real hope for survival on The Walking Dead.

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