10 Walking Dead Characters With The Worst Survival Skills

At its core, The Walking Dead is a show about survival. It takes skill to make it in a post-apocalyptic world, and that is something not everybody has. One of the aspects that makes TWD feel realistic, is the fact that not all of the characters are total warriors. Some of them, in fact, are absolutely lacking in any survival skills. While there are the beloved survivors such as Carol, Michonne, and Daryl, the show also contains highly lovable characters who simply are incapable of surviving in harsh circumstances. Without them, The Walking Dead would certainly not be as interesting. The tenth season of TWD will begin filming in May, and there is a lot of anticipation surrounding the almost-decade-old show. Let's review ten of the Walking Dead characters that have little to no survival skills.

10 Rick Grimes

He managed to lead his group for years through the apocalypse, but is that success really all thanks to Rick Grimes? Much of the credit might have gone to him, but it's unlikely that he would have survived as long as he did without his people.

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While Rick is presumably still alive after being lifted away by a helicopter six years ago (in the TWD-verse), the fact that he got into those circumstances in the first place was utterly laughable. Rick could have avoided his fate, so the fact that he is now separated from his family and in some unknown location with some sketchy people is pretty much his own fault.

9 King Ezekiel

As far as making a life for himself in the apocalypse, Ezekiel was extremely successful. His king persona was brilliant, and he earned several loyal followers. But as far as other survival skills, the King is fairly inept. He has been known to be too trusting, and that trait shines through in his people and his adopted son, Henry. Ezekiel is a fighter and a survivor, but he lacks skepticism and caution when it comes to people. There are very few trustworthy folks in the apocalyptic world, which is something Zeke learned the hard way. He failed to see through Alpha's disguise when she snuck into the Kingdom during the Fair and spoke to Zeke as though she were a survivor from Alexandria. Ezekiel bought the whole act, and this allowed Alpha to steal away several people, including Henry, and ultimately slaughter them.

8 Carl Grimes

Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes in The Walking Dead

Being fairly young when the dead started walking the earth, Carl adapted quickly. However, his childish naivety and stubbornness never left him.

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Carl sustained his fatal walker bite in a frankly embarrassing manner, considering everything he had survived prior to this. Having him trip on a tree root and conveniently fall directly onto a walker was a huge disservice to both Carl and his actor, Chandler Riggs. Carl's utterly ridiculous death seemed to allude to the fact that he lacked survival skills for the zombie apocalypse.

7 Father Gabriel

Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel in The Walking Dead

Gabriel was completely incompetent when it came to survival at the time Rick's group discovered him in Season 5. He had been holed up in his church all alone until he was forced to venture out due to lack of food. Since then, Gabriel has certainly evolved, but he continues to make questionable decisions. He trusted Jadis/Anne early on in Season 9, and, as a result, she nearly killed him. Now Gabriel finds himself in the middle of a love quadrangle involving himself, Rosita,  Siddiq, and Eugene. Gabriel has grown from the man he used to be, but he is still blindly trusting, which does not bode well for his survival.

6 Judith Grimes

Having been born in the apocalyptic days and not ever knowing what the world was like before walkers, Judith should have the best survival skills out of everyone. Maybe someday she will, but for now, she's just a little kid who should not be left to her own devices. On multiple occasions in Season 9 alone, Judith has endangered herself and others'. Her first appearance as a ten-year-old girl was when she saved Magna's group in the woods. It was quite the introduction, but still a naive move on Judith's part. Most notably, in the Season 9 finale, she chased after Daryl's dog in the middle of a raging blizzard. Judith's starry-eyed innocence is to be expected, and her guardians really shouldn't be letting her out of their sight.

5 Hershel Greene

Lovable, wise Hershel was a fan-favorite, but he was not cut out for the apocalypse. When he was introduced in Season 2, Hershel was presented as an old-fashioned farmer who was in deep denial regarding the world's crumbling state. Hershel believed that the walkers were not dead, but simply sick; keeping his reanimated family members in his barn in hopes of there someday being a cure. Shane put an end to this when he famously unleashed and slaughtered Hershel's walkers. By the time of his death in Season 4, Hershel had grown stronger. What put him in danger was his undying need to take care of his family.

4 Gregory

Leading Hilltop was not a title that Gregory ever earned. Shortly after he was introduced in Season 6, it was revealed by Jesus that Gregory is a weak and cowardly man, who has no business leading anyone.

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Gregory was one of the most faint-hearted, spineless characters ever portrayed on The Walking Dead, looking out only and always for himself, and shamelessly endangering several others in the process. Early in Season 9, Maggie decides to put an end to him once and for all when she infamously makes the decision to brutally execute him. No one could say it wasn't a well-deserved fate.

3 Negan

There was a point in time where Negan utilized the apocalypse to his own advantage. This went on for quite some time, and nearly all of Virginia cowered in the shadow of his seemingly undefeated reign. However, after Rick ultimately conquered Negan and locked him up in a cell in Alexandria, Negan rotted away for years. Late in Season 9, Negan escaped his cell and wandered around what remained of the places he once ruled over. Negan returns to Alexandria in the end, and it is revealed that he is no longer the survivor he once was.

2 Eugene Porter

The Walking Dead Season 8 Time for After Review Eugene

Eugene used his lying skills to survive in the early days of the apocalypse. He was not a wordsmith by any means, but his pitiful awkwardness and complete lack of any survival skills gained him others' sympathy.

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By pretending he knew of a cure for the virus that caused the apocalypse, Eugene managed to survive under Sgt. Abraham Ford's protection. However, this lie later backfired and enraged Abraham to the point where he nearly killed Eugene. Now, Eugene has not really improved his survival skills all that much, even after living in the apocalypse for nearly a decade. Still having to mostly rely on everyone around him to protect him, Eugene remains one of the worst survivors on TWD.

1 Henry

Matt Lintz as Henry on The Walking Dead

Even for a kid, Henry has to be one of the most naive characters on The Walking Dead, and for no good reason. Seeing as Carol, who raised him for years, is a total warrior, Henry has every right to just as capable.  Instead, it seemed that Carol and Ezekiel raised their son in a manner that shielded him from the horrors of the world, and Henry grew up to be blindly foolish. Perhaps becoming aware of this, Carol had Daryl babysit Henry when the boy decided to move to Hilltop for a while. Ultimately, Henry's stay at Hilltop only made matters worst. First, he acted stupidly because he was depressed that a girl (Enid) didn't like him back, and he promptly landed in "jail." While in jail, Henry met Lydia and instantly abandoned his crush on Enid to proclaim his love for Lydia within five minutes of knowing her. After this, Henry went on to pursue Lydia after Alpha took her back to the Whisperers' camp. Though his death was tragic and heart-wrenching, no one could deny that Henry had this fate coming from a mile away.

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