10 Walking Dead Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

Of course, in a world ravaged by a zombie apocalypse, all the chaos really leaves no room for the characters to be thinking about Harry Potter. But that doesn't mean that we, the fans, can't. The Walking Dead has always had a very intriguing cast of characters who have carried the show for almost ten seasons.

Over the many years that The Walking Dead has been on the air, the strong elements of the show - such as the characters - have suffered. This is understandable for such a long-running series, but luckily, the ninth season seemed to replenish some of the weaker aspects of the show.

TWD characters all have their different traits and quirks that make us love - or hate - them so much. Let's take a closer look at them and see which Hogwarts houses they all fit into.


Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead

When Walking Dead writers are at their best, it's clear that Daryl is much more than the show's cash cow and Norman Reedus' shameless self-insert. If we strip away all the romanticization that comes from the "hot bad boy" side of this character, it's clear that he was originally intended to be the underdog.

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Daryl is an intelligent character. This often gets lost in some of TWD's confused narrative, but Daryl, at his heart, is a true Ravenclaw. He has the cleverness and quick-thinking to fit the bill.


Danai Gurira as Michonne in The Walking Dead

Michonne has gone through an impressive evolution since her first appearance on the show, back at the end of season 2. This was highlighted the most in season 4, when she started to become close to both Carl and Judith, and we learned more about her traumatic past.

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It's a shame that since then, Michonne's character has not received the storylines and screentime that she rightfully deserves. (Probably) as a result of this, Danai Gurira has only signed on for a small part of season 10, which means fans will sadly be saying goodbye to Michonne sometime soon. But that aside, Michonne's kind heart and fearless spirit make her a perfect Gryffindor.


Walking Dead Melissa McBride Carol Long Hair Explained

Carol went from being the character who was on everyone's death prediction list for every episode, to one of the fiercest warriors ever to exist on the show. With an evolution like no other, Carol has proven to be one of the most capable - and definitely most brilliant - survivors.

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Melissa McBride has signed a contract to remain on The Walking Dead for at least the next three years. This is great news for Carol fans - which account for a large majority of the TWD fanbase. The fearless warrior Carol also has a caring, maternal spirit, and is very intelligent - a true Ravenclaw.


King Ezekiel definitely has an undeniable charm about him. He is an exceptional leader and has remained kind and empathetic throughout his years of post-apocalyptic life. Whether he is being himself or taking on his theatrical "king" persona, Ezekiel is a truly iconic character.

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Hufflepuffs are known for sometimes being too kind, and that description does indeed fit Ezekiel. Naivety stemmed from pure kindness and maybe even some denial about the state of the world, has really led to some tragic events for Ezekiel.


Could Negan be a good guy on The Walking Dead season 10

It's no surprise that Negan, the main villain of The Walking Dead, fits pretty well into Slytherin. Of course, being a member of the Slytherin Hogwarts House is not synonymous with being evil or a villain, but Negan fits a lot of this house's common traits.

Negan is ambitious, possibly more so than anyone else on the show. He used the apocalypse to his advantage and created his own world and army of followers. It doesn't get much more power-hungry than that. This will always be a side of Negan, no matter how hard TWD writers will attempt to push his redemption arc.


Samantha Morton as Alpha and Whisperers in The Walking Dead

The newest addition to TWD's villains, Alpha has certainly taken the apocalypse and every living soul around her, by storm. Due to her most featured side - her aggressive nature, manipulativeness, abusiveness, and pure survival instinct - one might peg Alpha as more fitting for the Slytherin house.

But there is more to Alpha that really meets the eye. Everything she did - even the horrible, unspeakable things - stemmed from extreme overprotectiveness of her daughter. Alpha has taken this way too far, of course, to the point of abusing her daughter. But this antagonist has certainly come up with some exceedingly brilliant ways to survive the apocalypse, and that makes her a good candidate for Ravenclaw.


Cailey Fleming as Judith in The Walking Dead

Judith is the only Grimes family member to remain on The Walking Dead. Since the show has now deviated from the graphic novels so much in this regard, it's very likely that Judith will eventually take on the role that belongs to Carl in the comics.

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Being raised primarily by Michonne, Judith is a good kid and a very capable survivor. Being so young, she, of course, makes some pretty questionable decisions, but she always tries to do the selfless, right thing and that earns her a spot in the Gryffindor house.



Rosita has been on the show since season 4. She is one of the toughest survivors on the show, and her charming yet no-nonsense attitude has earned her a sizable following. In the most recent ninth season of The Walking Dead, some pretty heavy drama was added to Rosita's arc. Being the focus of a love quadrangle now, her characterization has gone from respectable to pretty questionable.

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But that aside, Rosita is a very fearless person and will always ambitiously stand up for what she believes in. She is definitely a go-getter, and nothing can stop her once she gets something in her head. Her outspoken and stubborn demeanor makes her a perfect fit for Slytherin.


Aaron has not received nearly enough screentime for the number of years he has been on this show. Especially considering Ross Marquand's compelling portrayal of this character, it's arguable that the Walking Dead crew often underutilize Aaron.

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Despite the fact that we don't know Aaron as well as we really should, it's clear that he is a very intelligent, kind, and selfless character who deserves a spot in Ravenclaw.


Eugene and The Walking Dead Radio

Eugene's been characterized as the series' token coward since his introduction back in season 4. Since then, he's evolved, but his development has remained fairly true to his original character. Eugene still cowers under drastic threats, and he still needs to be saved by his friends.

Eugene has also displayed some selfish traits, such as switching sides and joining Negan's army for a few episodes back in season 7. Eugene has certainly changed a lot since we first met him several seasons ago, but at heart, he remains a true Hufflepuff.

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