Walking Dead Star Says Carol Callback Is 'Touching'

Rick Grimes Kills Sophia in The Walking Dead

Madison Lintz appreciated The Walking Dead's callback to her character in the ongoing season 8. With AMC's hit zombie TV series now in its eighth year, fans still continue their weekly hunt for Easter Eggs and callbacks. However, did anyone spot a homage to the long-dead Sophia Peletier during November 26's "The King, The Widow, and Rick"?

Carol's doomed daughter may not have reappeared via flashback or dream sequence, but the spirit of Sophia was felt thanks to Lintz's real-life brother. As Melissa McBride's Action Carol continued her march against the living on the dead, she showed a new bond with the Kingdom's Henry. Played by Madison's brother Macsen, the dearly departed Walking Dead alumni couldn't be happier that her family name lives on in the show.

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Carol's line, “Do you know what happens to kids when they go wandering around in the woods? They never get seen again, and if they do, they’re monsters,” certainly struck a chord with the show's long-term fans and Lintz herself. Speaking to Huffington Post, Madison said that she loved the subtle callback to Carol's past with Sophia:

Walking Dead - Melissa McBride as Carol

"I was just really touched that they're still tying back to my character who was all the way back in Season 2. I thought it was really, really cool that Macsen, my brother, got to be in that scene and be a part of it. I think it's so weird, and I love hearing about everything he's doing on set. I'm super proud of him."

Lintz may have departed the show back in 2012, but it is great to know that all these years later, current showrunner Scott Gimple is still calling back to The Walking Dead's early days. Whether or not Gimple cast Macsen on purpose is unknown, but with Carol having suppressed her loss of Sophia over the seasons, it was a cool little nod that Henry looks so like the lost Peletier. It also adds another level to Carol's original outburst and slow acceptance that Henry could accompany her.

Madison may have only had a short stint as Sophia, but her disappearance in the season 2 premiere became an ongoing mystery for The Walking Dead. Jump forward a few episodes to the shocking "Nebraska", and the Sophia in the barn reveal was one of the show's biggest twists from its formative years. With season 2 almost universally classed as the dud season, a zombified Sophie lumbering around Hershel Greene's farm was a huge redemption for an otherwise lackluster year.

What comes next for Henry remains to be seen, but Carol doesn't have the best track record with kids. From Sophia's walker turn to Lizzie's "look at the flowers" and bratty Sam's season 6 demise, being a minor around Carol is like a kiss from the Angel of Death. No wonder the hardened homemaker prefers to go it alone these days. However, as the midseason finale approaches and the "All Out War" fight continues against Negan and his Saviors, Carol, Henry, or just about anyone else could be in a prime position to take a dirt nap before The Walking Dead season 8 comes to an end.

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The Walking Dead season 8 continues next Sunday with ‘Time for After’ at 9pm/10c on AMC.

Source: Huffington Post

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