The Walking Dead: Everything Carol Saw That Was [SPOILER]

The Walking Dead Carol Ghosts

Warning! SPOILERS for The Walking Dead season 10 ahead!

Carol is having a rough time on The Walking Dead season 10, as she isn't sleeping and she's started hallucinating. This season on The Walking Dead, war with the Whisperers is about to break out. Relations between the survivors of Alexandria, Hilltop, and Oceanside and the Whisperers have grown worse with every encounter. A border between the two groups was agreed upon, but since then, the survivors and Whisperers have crossed into each other's territory on various occasions.

Now, Alpha is demanding more territory as penance for their trespassing, but all Carol is interested in is getting revenge. Carol's state of mind has been questionable ever since she returned in The Walking Dead season 10 premiere, quickly becoming obsessed with getting revenge on Alpha for Henry's murder.

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She's also become plagued by bad dreams, and the more pills she pops to stay awake, the more she loses her grip on reality. Here's everything Carol sees in The Walking Dead season 10, episode 3 "Ghosts" that is and isn't real.

Carol's Dead Kids on the Book Cover

Carol and dead kids on book cover on The Walking Dead

After their tense meeting with Alpha at the border, Michonne, Daryl, Carol and the rest seek out shelter for the night in an abandoned school. As they walk through its hallways, Carol picks up a home economics text book off the floor. Its cover depicts a mother serving dinner to five children, but when Carol looks more closely, it changes to become an image of herself and the five kids who Carol has cared for that are now dead - Sophia, Lizzie, Mika, Sam, and Henry. Obviously, this is the first of Carol's many hallucinations, but it's also a heartbreaking reminder of how much she's lost across The Walking Dead's ten seasons.

Daryl's Story About His Truck Driver Dad

The Walking Dead Season 10 Daryl Dixon

Once they settle in the school, Carol takes first watch and pops another of her pep pills. Daryl soon joins her and begins telling a story about his dad, explaining how how he was a truck driver and on nights when he didn't get much sleep, he would see things that weren't really there. Carol scoffs at him, saying she isn't like his "meth-snorting dad" before cutting herself off, realizing how rude she sounds. Later on, when Carol brings up the conversation to Daryl, he looks bewildered and replies that his dad was never a truck driver. Turns out, Carol hallucinated the whole conversation with Daryl in The Walking Dead season 10, episode 3, suggesting that subconsciously Carol knows she needs to get some real sleep or she'll go mad.

Visions of Henry

Carol hallucinates Henry on The Walking Dead season 10

Throughout this episode of The Walking Dead season 10, Carol repeatedly imagines Henry when he clearly can't really be there. In addition to his quick cameo on the book cover, Carol also sees Henry inside one of the school's classrooms and again during a vivid but very wrong dream she experiences while back at Alexandria. Obviously, these visions of Henry are hallucinations because Henry is dead, but it's yet another reminder of how painful and fresh the memory of him and his death still is for Carol.

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Daryl Cooking Up Breakfast

Daryl cooking breakfast for Carol on The Walking Dead

This one isn't so much a hallucination as it is a dream of Carol's in the latest The Walking Dead episode. It finds her waking up in Alexandria and coming down stairs to Daryl cooking breakfast. They chat about going to the store and Daryl hands Carol a $20 bill from his wallet - a perfectly normal morning in a perfectly normal world. But of course, they no longer live in a perfectly normal world, and as Carol glances at her watch, Henry then appears at the kitchen table. At this point, Carol's subconscious can no longer keep her fooled and she wakes up. The scene is another sign of how much Carol misses her son, but it may also hint at the sort of perfect life Carol imagines for herself - one where she and Daryl are living happily ever after.

Whisperers in the Woods


The Walking Dead Ghosts Whisperer

Once Michonne realizes Carol is beginning to hallucinate, she's hesitant to believe anything she says. But in a surprise twist at the end of the episode, The Walking Dead reveals that not everything Carol sees is a hallucination. While she's hanging from the rope in the school's gym, Carol sees a Whisperer taunting her. At first, we're meant to believe this is just another hallucination, but the episode's final moments reveal a trail of blood leading from the school to the corpse of that same Whisperer - the final shot showing them reanimate as a walker. While hanging upside down, Carol does fire a few shots at the Whisperer, so it appears she not only hit them but wounded them severely enough that they eventually died.

This scene is not only a confirmation that Carol isn't imagining the Whisperer she sees in the gym, but that she may not have been hallucinating the Whisperers she sees spying on them in the woods, either. Clearly, someone is sneaking across the border and laying traps for the survivors. Who else would it be but the Whisperers? Alpha is up to something, that's for sure, and Carol, even in her somewhat delusional state, seems to be the only one who suspects anything, which is likely going to be a recurring element across the next few The Walking Dead season 10 episodes.

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The Walking Dead season 10 continues Sunday, October 27th with "Silence the Whisperers" at 9pm/8c on AMC.

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