The Walking Dead Harshly Reminds Carol Of Every Child She's Lost

The Walking Dead Carol with Henry

Warning! SPOILERS for The Walking Dead season 10 ahead!

The Walking Dead season 10 gives Carol a harsh reminder of the many children she's lost since the outbreak began. Of course, many characters have lost loved ones over the course of the series, but it's Carol whose had the misfortune of losing not just one but five children who she's cared for over the years.

This season on The Walking Dead, Carol is in a very difficult spot. Since returning from her time away at sea (where she assumed a role Michonne had in the comics), Carol has been constantly reminded of everything that happened before she left - mainly, Henry's murder and her resulting break up with Ezekiel. She's in a bad place, mentally, and it's beginning to affect her judgement. Carol wants revenge for Henry and she doesn't care how she gets it, blatantly crossing the border to antagonize Alpha. She is doing all she can to start a war with Whisperers, seeing that as her best opportunity to kill Alpha.

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Carol's recklessness continues in The Walking Dead season 10, episode 3, "Ghosts", as she forgoes sleeping and is instead taking pills to keep herself awake and alert. But when people don't sleep, they begin to hallucinate, and as the hours drag into days, Carol starts seeing things that aren't real. These hallucinations take an especially hurtful twist while Carol, Daryl, Michonne, and the others who meet with Alpha spend the night in an abandoned school. While wandering the halls, Carol picks up a home economics text book with a cover photo of a happy mother serving dinner to a table of smiling children. When Carol looks more closely, though, the image distorts to show a picture of herself as the mother serving dinner to the five children she cared for who've died - Sophia, Lizzie and Mika Samuels, Sam Anderson, and of course, Henry.

The image is a gruesome and cruel reminder of the many children of Carol's who are now dead, showing them seated at the table and staring accusingly back at Carol. Included are Sophia, Carol's biological child from her previous marriage who dies from a walker bite in season 2 and is later shot by Rick Grimes when her zombie form is discovered in Hershel's barn; Lizzie and Mika, the two girls Carol adopts in season 4 and ultimately must kill Lizzie after she, in her disturbed state of mind, kills Mika; Sam, the young boy Carol bonds with over baking cookies in season 6 who dies when he (and his actual mother, Jessie) gets eaten while fleeing a herd; and lastly, Henry, who was among Alpha's victims and had his head placed on a pike to mark the Whisperer border in season 9.

In all of these instances, Carol blames herself for the deaths of these children - whether she was actually responsible for killing them or not. Carol is a mother wracked with so much guilt it is driving her mad, and the only outlet for her pain is killing the one person who most recently hurt her. Whether or not she succeeds is The Walking Dead season 10's story to tell, but it's clear Carol isn't going to give up until at either she or Alpha is dead.

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The Walking Dead season 10 continues Sunday, October 27th with "Silence the Whisperers" at 9pm/8c on AMC.

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