The Walking Dead: Chandler Riggs Mocks Carl's Death

Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes in The Walking Dead

Former The Walking Dead actor Chandler Riggs has taken a light-hearted snipe at how his character, Carl Grimes, ended up dying in the show. A veteran member of The Walking Dead's cast, Carl met his end in the first half of season eight after succumbing to a zombie bite whilst helping Siddiq and the show's mid-season finale ended with the youngster dramatically revealing this injury to his father, Rick. Despite several whispers that Carl may somehow survive, the character took his own life in The Walking Dead's mid-season premiere before the infection could take hold, using his final words to convince Rick that peace and mercy was the way forward.

Carl's death has not been without controversy. Many fans wondered how the character's exit would impact future plot threads as Carl Grimes remains an integral figure in the comic version of The Walking Dead to this day. Showrunner Scott M. Gimple responded to these concerns claiming that other characters would pick up the slack but there was further controversy surrounding the reason for Riggs' exit after the actor's father publicly criticized the decision.

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Now that Carl's definitive death scene has aired, Chandler Riggs took to Twitter to air some humorous jabs at how his character was eventually killed. Alongside pictures of himself making faces at the recent Walker Stalker event, Riggs wrote "me @ carl when he died from tripping over a tree root after proving numerous times that he's great at surviving" followed by "like dude u literally got shot in the head."

Clearly, Riggs intended his tweets to be taken in good humor and has a long history of poking fun at The Walking Dead on Twitter, even while still an active member of the show's cast. The actor has also explicitly stated that his gags aren't an indication of any bitterness towards his character's death. However, Chandler certainly raises a fair point about the strange manner in which Carl met his demise. After appearing on The Walking Dead for over seven seasons and, as Riggs points out, surviving a bullet to the head, it's somewhat anti-climactic for such a well-loved character to die from what looked like a routine zombie tussle.

With that said, Carl's death does drive home the point that anyone can die at any time in the zombie apocalypse and just because Negan is the foremost threat in The Walking Dead at present, the danger of the undead should never be discounted. TWD is often criticized for allowing its zombies to become a side-attraction to the human drama and Carl's death does at least act as a sobering reminder that the show's titular monsters are still very much a problem for Rick and his fellow protagonists.

Nevertheless, it's still difficult to see how Carl's death can be beneficial to The Walking Dead going forward. Certainly, it's hard to see how killing off a character that is popular, important in the comics and one of The Walking Dead's few sources of morality and hope can positively impact the narrative.

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The Walking Dead continues with "The Key" March 18th on AMC.

Source: Chandler Riggs (via Twitter)

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